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Yes, Solopreneurs Can Take Maternity Leave

4 Tips to Plan for Maternity Leave as a Entrepreneur

I always thought I’d be at a corporate office for my maternity leave. I envied my past colleagues who took 3+ months off and had a temp fill their role while they were gone loving their new addition. s who took 3+ months off and had a temp fill their role while they were gone loving their new addition.

Instead when I had my son nearly 2 years ago I was not in a corporate setting and got to figure out maternity leave with a small team and only one me.

Thoughts of worry swirled around, like:

“How does coaching and masterminding continue without me?”

“If people only care about me at events, what will they do if I’m not there?”

“Am I the special sauce that keeps things going?”

If anything, planning a maternity leave has been one of the greatest gifts for my business. Here’s what I’ve learned and hope everyone can help implement into their businesses ASAP.

Your Skills Can Be Duplicated:

This was probably the hardest part to swallow, but I realized that I’m not as important in the equation as I had thought before. With good planning and documentation your skills can be duplicated and developed for members of your team.

Time Off Is Important:

I’ve talked to moms that have taken 1 week off or jumped right in after birth, but the consensus has been that their businesses did not flounder taking this time off for them and their baby.

Pre-Planning is Key:

We’ve been working hard at getting our work done in advance. That means recording podcasts, creating social media posts, discussing strategy, writing newsletters. Doing all of these things in advance so that they can be scheduled without working while juggling a baby.

It’s Ok To Hit Pause:

If you are alone and you don’t feel comfortable delegating big things, it’s ok to hit pause on your business for a few months. Three months will fly by.

Whether you plan your maternity leave or work right on through it, do what is right for you. I'm passionate to join forces with Marcy Stoudt on helping new mothers and mothers to be navigate their maternity leave.


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Emily Merrell is the founder and chief networking officer of Six Degrees Society, as well as a business coach for solopreneurs who want to grow their business through events, partnerships and community. She is also the host of The Sixth Degree podcast.

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