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Write Your Book NOW! Mastermind

Turn your ideas into captivating narratives with like-minded authors.


Pen Your Passion

You've spent a lifetime building success. You're ready to give back. In the Write Your Book NOW Mastermind, you'll uncover the techniques to complete the book you've been dreaming of.


Using Design Thinking Strategies, we help you identify the stories that shaped you and your business acumen. Unlock the power of your voice to ignite change in the world.

Write Your Book

This exclusive group combines expert knowledge, peer support, and personalized guidance to help you share your insights with the world. Confidently.

Statistically speaking, most people never finish the book they want to write. In a survey by the Synergy Whisperer, only 30 of 1000 people finished "that" book they'd been meaning to write.

You aren't most people. 

Write Your Book with Design Thinking Strategies


Focus on Audience


The Problems You Solve


The Solutions You Provide

Prototype: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks


What Winning Feels Like

Researching and Writing

Reach BOLD New Heights
with Revel Coach™ Masterminds

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in this Mastermind:

✓ Connecting with Your Audience

✓ Stories that Stick

✓ Outline Your Book Structure

✓ Research Best Practices

✓ Hooks that Work

✓ Keep the Pages Turning

✓ Editing Strategies

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Meet Alison Nissen

Your Write Your Book NOW Facilitator

Alison Nissen is a story strategist and ghostwriter who has taught collegiate composition and literature classes for over two decades. Alison was the winner of the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards Unpublished Autobiography/Memoir for Resolve, Courage, Hope. Alison has a passion for helping writers find and tell their stories to change the world with authority and authenticity on the stage, in small groups, or one-on-one.

Let's ink your success story together!

- Alison

Ready to write your book?

The first step is applying to our Write Your Book NOW Mastermind.

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The REVEL STORY mission is to help authors, executives, and entrepreneurs write and tell their stories - from personal branding to leadership presence to crafting compelling narratives. They believe "you never have a second chance to make a first impression" so they empower people with the tools they need to succeed. 

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