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Vacation Basics for Writers

Know Where You're Going Before You Get Started

Do you have a writing project in your future? Before you plan your next writing venture, know the vacation basics: Budget, Travel Buddies, Vehicle, and Destination.

1. Select Your Budget:

Budget your words. In a blog, less is more. In a novel, you have a chance to meander. But a quick read is not necessarily a quick write. Be sure to let each project breathe before your proofread and edit.

2. Pick Your Travel Buddies:

Know your audience. Nothing is for everyone. To keep your audience engaged, consider their common denominators. An article for knitters might not appeal to gamers, but they both shop for groceries. If your focus is knitters—you don’t need to worry about gamers; but if you are talking about produce, your work should appeal to both types of readers.

3. Choose a Vehicle:

Where will your audience find your work? Internet junkies will search the web. Old school readers will pick up a magazine. Knowing your travel buddies will help you know how long they engage with a piece. Tweeters expect you to reach the destination in 160 characters.

4. Decide Your Destination:

Ask two questions: What do I want my audience to learn? What do I want them to feel? Understanding your goal will help you determine the best way to reach your audience to make your point.

Your writing journey can be exciting. Buckle up and follow the basic rules of the road. If you decide to go off-roading, remember, the rules of physics still apply!

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Alison Nissen is passionate about stories and believes everyone has a story worth sharing. As an award-winning author, blogger, podcaster, and co-founder of Revel Coach, she finds inspiration in helping others identify their purpose. Alison is an accomplished public speaker, hosts the Florida Writer Podcast and co-hosts Revel Coach's Revel Coach + Podcast, where each week, she and her partner (and sister) interview individuals who are changing the world.


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