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CEO Accelerator Mastermind

A collaborative forum for top executives to explore, strategize, and accelerate


A Peer-Based Mastermind of 

Senior Leadership

Why go it alone when you’re faced with important, challenging decisions that need to be addressed…yesterday? This mastermind is the secret weapon to retaining high-capacity senior leaders at your company. We devise plans that help high-performing CEOs enhance their leadership, emotional intelligence, decision-making, team effectiveness, and positive company culture, fostering growth and innovation.​

By creating a confidential space, these Senior Leaders are open to explore the greatest opportunities and most pressing challenges in their organizations. Expect to dive deep, gain clarity, build confidence, and make a plan of action after each mastermind. 

CEO Accelerator

This exclusive group combines expert knowledge, peer support, and personalized guidance to help you confidently embrace your role as a visionary company leader.

Why is the CEO Accelerator crucial for your team's success?

CEOs are tasked with a number of challenging responsibilities, including making critical decisions with far-reaching consequences, attracting and retaining top talent, maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, and more. Being able to address these responsibilities requires strong leadership skills, adaptability, strategic thinking, and a supportive network of mentors and peers. Whether you are currently in the C-Suite or ascending to it, this mastermind equips senior leaders with the expert knowledge and peer support they need to tackle any challenge, make informed decisions, and also innovate in their roles. 

Results We Achieve in This Mastermind:




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Performance & Results


Conflict Resolution


Hiring Strategies & Training


Value Messaging


Sales Initiatives

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The CEO Accelerator Mastermind provides the perfect blend of strategic guidance and peer support. Being able to share my challenges and successes with like-minded individuals who are in the same position as me is incredibly empowering. This program not only expanded my network but also equipped me with the tools and mindset needed to lead my team with clarity and vision.

- Kristen, Chief Operating Officer &

Member of the CEO Accelerator Mastermind

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Reach BOLD New Heights
with REVEL COACH™ Masterminds

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in this Mastermind:

✓ Change Management

✓ Leadership and Management

✓ Strategic Planning

✓ Building Effective Teams

✓ Fostering a Positive Company Culture

✓ Organizational Communication 

✓ Talent Development 

✓ Talent Acquisition 

✓ Maximizing Individual and Team Performance

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Meet Marcy Stoudt

Your CEO Accelerator Facilitator

Marcy founded Revel Coach with a visionary mission - to create the kind of company she wished existed during her tenure leading large sales teams, driving organizational change for a $3 billion company, and maintaining a balanced family life. As an accomplished Executive Coach who has walked the corporate path herself, Marcy's leadership of the CEO Accelerator is uniquely poised to harness the collective wisdom of peers, ultimately delivering tangible leadership results for top executives.

If you share in my commitment to create a legacy that inspires generations to come, this mastermind is for you.

- Marcy

Ready to unlock your full potential?

The first step is applying to our CEO Accelerator Mastermind.


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Cloverleaf's mission is to unleash people to do their best work. They believe in equipping employers and empowering employees to make their greatest contribution to their organization and find fulfillment in their roles. They do this through their innovated Automated Coaching™ system that integrates right into the team's workflow.   

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