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The Secret Behind Success?

It's not about pushing yourself to work 60+ hours every week. It’s about making the time to revel in the joy of achieving your goals while sharing the journey with others. It’s about creating memorable moments along the way, laughing, learning, and accomplishing  — together.   

That's why we always say, It's Better Together™
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About the Sisters & Co-Founders of REVEL COACH™

Like many sisters, Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt are similar in some ways and not alike in others. Alison graduated college and settled into a career in academia. Marcy, on the other hand, found success in the corporate world. As their mother entered mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease, they began to chat daily about their dream of launching their own business. They signed off each call with the chant: “It’s better together!” The more they talked, the more excited they became about the future.


They designed REVEL COACH as an inspirational platform that mentors executives and entrepreneurs who wish to find career and family success. When you have a vivid vision, aligned action, and a growth mindset, it is possible to find harmony by celebrating every small and large success along the way. Find Joy everywhere! Today, REVEL COACH mentors individuals in their next steps for their careers, volunteerism, and public service. 

About Marcy Stoudt


Marcy Stoudt is passionate about developing leaders, bringing teams together, and creating a work environment where people thrive. For the past 30 years, she has worked with hundreds of executives and has coached, taught, and inspired results through confidence and balance. 


In 2018, Marcy and her sister started REVEL COACH, a leadership development company that delivers exceptional results for executives who aspire to succeed in their careers without sacrificing their personal lives. Before starting REVEL COACH in 2018, Marcy spent 22 years in Corporate America in various roles from VP of Strategy to VP of Sales & Marketing. When first promoted into the VP role, Marcy served as the first female Vice President of the company, which was $3 Billion in Revenue. This experience influenced her passion for working with people, creating opportunities for others, and hiring talent based on character and potential.


In 2023, Marcy launched REVEL SEARCH, an executive search firm, with her friend and former colleague, Carey Lewis. This venture reinforces her commitment to delivering leadership solutions and results, while facilitating growth of REVEL customers with the right talent.


When she’s not coaching, you can find Marcy in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida enjoying time with her husband, admiring her 3 children, and enjoying the endless pursuit of finding joy in every moment.


Baltimore’s Top 40 Under 40 • Board of Directors @ Baptist Medical Center South 

About Alison Nissen

Alison Nissen is passionate about stories and believes everyone has a story worth sharing. As an award-winning author, blogger, podcaster, and co-founder of REVEL COACH, she finds inspiration in helping others identify their purpose. Alison is an accomplished public speaker, hosts the Florida Writer Podcast and co-hosts REVEL COACH'S podcast, where each week, she and her partner (and sister) interview individuals who are changing the world. In her journey from college professor and author to entrepreneur and coach, Alison has built an audience through storytelling. Now, she shares her lessons with others.


Royal Palm Literary Award Memoir of the Year • Royal Palm Literary Award Unpublished Medal Winner • Distinguished Toastmaster • Board of Directors @ Florida Writers Association


Our Philosophy

We all have dreams...REVEL COACH is designed to create a community of leaders who want to inspire and be inspired. “Maybe I Could” is the driving principle behind our company because we know that with the support of like-minded individuals, anything is possible. REVEL COACH mentors you as you build a framework for the Next Steps in your career, volunteerism, or public service.

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The Revel Way™ Flip Book

Leadership, Your Way.

Engage REVEL COACH through four targeted approaches that generate long-lasting solutions for Career, Family, and Wellness.

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