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Peer-Based Masterminds

Reach BOLD New Heights with

REVEL™ Masterminds

Do you want to deep-dive into a challenge, but roadblocks, hesitations, and judgment amongst you & your colleagues slows down your progress? Masterminds are a valuable approach to problem-solving and allow you to dive deep into a problem with confidentiality and confidence so you have a clear path forward. 

Niche topics aimed at ensuring the group has alignment on purpose, goals, and values.

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Combining expert knowledge & peer support so you can tackle any challenge.

Opportunities to track your  goals & progress to hold yourself accountable.

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As a perk, you have

unlimited access to 15+ Mentors in diverse industries for support when you need it.

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Where Challenges Meet Solutions

A unique and effective method of


Start tapping into solutions now!

✔ Diverse Perspectives and Expertise

By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, masterminds offer a rich pool of perspectives. This diversity enhances problem-solving capabilities, as members can leverage a range of insights and approaches to address complex challenges.

✔ Peer Accountability

Our mastermind members set goals and track progress, creating a system of peer accountability. Knowing that others in the group are invested in each other's success encourages commitment and diligence, driving individuals to achieve their objectives.

✔ Enhanced Leadership & Skill Development 

Stepping into your full potential as a leader requires continuous learning, refinement, and constructive feedback. Our masterminds provide the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices, so members can stay ahead. 

& so much more...

It's Better Together

Discover our Mastermind topics...

Choose from a range of specialized masterminds tailored to address the unique needs of your organization.

A collaborative forum for top executives to explore, strategize, and accelerate. 

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in this Mastermind:
✓ Change Management

✓ Leadership and Management

✓ Strategic Planning

✓ Building Effective Teams

✓ Fostering a Positive Company Culture

✓ Organizational Communication 

✓ Talent Development 

✓ Talent Acquisition 

✓ Maximizing Individual and Team Performance


Meet Marcy Stoudt

Your CEO Accelerator Facilitator

Ready to start your journey of growth, collaboration, and unparalleled success?

Member Perks You Unlock When You Join a Mastermind

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