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Make Time for Success

In this three-way conversation, you’re going to hear how the fact that Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt are sisters has been the launching point for the supportive and fun atmosphere they promote inside Revel Coach. “Maybe I could” is the driving principle behind their company because they know that with the support of like-minded women, anything is possible. ​​Revel Coach mentors women as they build a framework for their next steps in their career, volunteerism, or public service.

Alison Nissen on the Journey of Becoming a Writer

In this episode of Chasing the Insights, entrepreneur and award-winning author, Alison Nissen, talks about her journey to becoming a writer. Alison is the co-founder and president of Revel Coach, a career growth platform focused on professional presence and turning dreams into action. She finds inspiration in helping others identify their passion and clarify their message through stories.

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Nest by Revel is Helping Executive-Level Females Win at Their Career and Motherhood

The Boston Herald shares that Nest by Revel "is a virtual wellness and professional development center for overwhelmed and overcommitted working mothers. The team of 17 Nest Advisors bring unique perspectives and coaching abilities to the table to unite on one mission: helping working moms realize there aren’t just two paths, a stay-at-home mom or a successful businesswoman, there can be a third and better path."

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Strategies for Improving Work-Life Balance as a Busy Working Mom

A world where career, family, and self-care exist in harmony is possible with the help of the Nest. There are many ways to restore work-life balance. Six of the Nest Advisors share their top tips and strategies for creating harmony between work and life from the vantage point of a working mother in this Digital Journal article. 

Wild Women Who Write Take Flight

From a student with undiagnosed dyslexia to a published author, Alison Nissen shares her special life. Widowed in her twenties, she recognized the difficulty of keeping her husband’s memory alive for the young sons he left behind. She found the balance between honoring their father while living a full life with her current husband and the boys. Join the Wild Women as we touch on ghostwriting, the imposter syndrome, Florida Writers Association and their upcoming Florida Writerscon, and her upcoming memoir, cowritten with her sister.

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Women & the Workplace: She Set A Goal, Achieved A Goal, And Now She...

Marcy Stoudt, co-founder of Revel Coach, was the first woman VP at her company at just 30 years old! Partnering with her sister, they created Revel Coach, a professional coaching company. Revel Coach empowers and enables women to move forward in life to accomplish their goals. She has a few niche groups she serves with a primary focus being working moms. Women who wrestle with going back to work after time off to raise their children or quickly returning after maternity leave. It doesn't have to be an either-or answer. Marcy offers alternatives.

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6 Tips to Grow from Solopreneurship to a Multi-Level Business

Marcy Stoudt talks to the Boston Herald about her experience growing from solopreneurship to a multi-level business. Transitioning from a one-woman show to a thriving business takes strategy, fine-tuning, and investment. To help other female entrepreneurs expand their businesses, Stoudt shares her 6 tips to grow your business with lasting results.