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Leading the Global Workforce Mastermind

Elevating Global Leaders to build a thriving cross-cultural

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A Mastermind for Global Leaders:

A powerful way to come together, learn from each other, and collaboratively address the biggest problems facing your organization today.

Are you managing a global team with professionals from different cultural backgrounds? Do you need advice to enhance cross-cultural collaboration within your organization?

Our mastermind aims to enhance cross-cultural communication, boost productivity within culturally diverse teams, and smoothen the transition for employees relocating internationally, ultimately contributing to your organization's bottom line and improving your employees' success in a global setting. This forum provides a collaborative space to share best practices, gain insights into managing diverse teams, and navigate global business challenges. Our members gain access to a wealth of resources and network with like-minded peers to make your global team efficient and cohesive, have each global leader read from the same leadership playbook, and acquire practical guidance to enhance their global leadership skills. 

Global Workforce MM

Foster cultural intelligence and address the unique challenge of managing international teams to drive innovation.

Why is the Leading Global Workforce crucial for your team's success?

This mastermind isn’t just about theoretical concepts; it is a dynamic platform where like-minded global leaders actively collaborate to solve the challenges that come along with leading an international, cross-cultural team. With effective team leadership strategies, results will directly translate into tangible improvements in your team’s performance, increase cross-cultural cohesion, and lower attrition across your organization globally.

Results we achieve in this Mastermind:

Understanding Cultural Nuances & Differences

Communication Strategies for Global Teams

Talent Management in a Global Context

Leading Through Change & Uncertainty

Driving Innovation & Adapting to Market Differences 

Networking & Collaboration for Global Success

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  • A note from the Revel Coach team on selecting an offering that's right for you.
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Throughout this mastermind, we will explore a myriad of topics, including but not limited to:

Necessitating leaders to navigate the complexities of managing teams dispersed across various cultures, time zones, and work environments. Our focus is not only on global leadership but also on addressing the contemporary issues and hot topics that shape the global workforce.

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Meet Rakshitha Jagadish

Your 'Leading the Global Workforce' Mastermind Facilitator

Rakshitha Jagadish is a Coach, Culture Architect, Trainer and Leader. Leveraging 14+ years in HR, an MBA in HR, and Certifications in Coaching and Culture Mastery, Rakshitha empowers leaders to navigate global complexities and achieve peak performance. Her passion is igniting personal transformation alongside professional success. 

Leading a global team is like that one-way ticket I took all those years ago to America. It requires the same spirit - a leap into the unknown, exhilarating, peeling back layers, burning desire to find my own tribe in a new place, the confidence to push forward and yet a little terrifying. A whirlwind of emotions that can leave you grasping for direction. It's a constant dance – understanding cultural nuances, learning to appreciate the unique melody everyone brings to the table, wielding your leadership compass, and harmonizing a symphony of diverse talents. But the reward? A global masterpiece that resonates with your organization.

- Rakshitha

Let's empower your global leaders together.

The first step is applying to our Leading the Global Workforce Mastermind.

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