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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Mastermind

A transformative journey towards building inclusive and thriving workplaces.

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Experience the power of

Collective Learning,
Personal Growth &
Actionable Insights!

Do you want to deep-dive into a challenge, but roadblocks, hesitations, and judgment amongst you & your colleagues slows down your progress? Masterminds are a valuable approach to problem-solving and allow you to go deep on a problem with confidentiality and confidence so you have a clear path forward after the meeting. Revel Coach offers a number of topical Masterminds to support Executives in Leadership Roles.

DEIB Mastermind
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This exclusive group brings together like-minded leaders committed to fostering a culture of diversity and belonging.

Why is DEIB crucial for your team's success?

DEIB brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. By embracing and valuing these differences, teams can unlock a range of benefits from enhancing problem-solving to increasing innovation and creativity. When team members feel valued, respected, seen, and included, we see higher employee engagement, productivity, and retention rates. 

Our Mastermind members benefit from:

In-Depth Discussions

Engage in meaningful conversations on critical topics such as unconscious bias, intersectionality, and systemic inequalities. Explore these complex subjects with fellow cohort members who share your passion for creating inclusive environments.

Accountability & Growth

Set goals, track progress, and hold each other accountable for individual and collective growth. Benefit from the collective wisdom and encouragement of your cohort, ensuring continuous growth as you navigate the complexities of creating inclusive workplaces.

Skill Development

Enhance your skills in areas such as identifying and mitigating unconscious bias, fostering an inclusive workplace culture, promoting diversity in recruitment and talent management, and building effective allyship. Acquire the knowledge and competencies needed to create a culture that celebrates diversity and fosters belonging.

Expert Guidance

Receive guidance and support from experienced coaches who specialize in DEIB initiatives. Their expertise will empower you with practical strategies and tools to address unconscious bias, foster inclusive leadership, promote allyship, and implement equitable practices within your organization.

Peer Support

Build connections with professionals from various industries and backgrounds. Share challenges, exchange best practices, and celebrate successes together. Forge lasting relationships that continue beyond the program, establishing a supportive network of individuals dedicated to driving positive change.

Creative Office

Reach BOLD New Heights
with REVEL COACH™ Masterminds

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Meet Leesa Askew

Your DEIB Mastermind Facilitator

Leesa's expertise lies in developing strategies and implementing initiatives that improve company culture and create opportunities for all team members to thrive. Her understanding of DEIB challenges enables her to guide organizations toward engaging, productive, and inclusive work environments. Leesa helps members in this Mastermind navigate complex topics so they can step up as leaders on their teams. 

Together, we will shape inclusive cultures where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their best. 

- Leesa

Let's create a future of diversity, equity, and belonging together.

The first step is applying to our DEIB Mastermind.

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In collaboration with

Emtrain's mission is to create healthier organizations by developing peoples' skills and strengthen the social fabric of the workforce. They believe ethics, respect, and inclusion are core competencies and essential to a healthy workplace culture, making them a perfect sponsor for our DEIB Mastermind.

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