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We're not like most
Executive Coaching Programs

Our personalized 6-month program is designed to inspire Leaders to take action, break the habit of negative self-talk, make connections, and grow professionally and personally.


At the REVEL COACH, we know the one-size-fits-all approach to Executive Coaching doesn't create long-lasting results. That's why we onboard every member with a personalized roadmap to track progress, generate deeper breakthroughs, and reach their goals through their 6-month journey. 

You may be embarking on an individual journey of personal growth, but you are never alone at Revel. There are community opportunities to grow and network with like-minded Leaders - whether it be a fellow member or one of our 15+ Mentors. Discover new possibilities when you tap into a community that gets YOU.

Perks our members love

A dedicated Executive Coach who will keep you on the right path to reach those goals you've been chasing.

Opportunities to dive even deeper with exclusive Weekly Workshops and Masterminds.


All it takes is six months to change your life...

Goal Setting • Progress Tracking • Energy Management

You and your dedicated Executive Coach will devise a plan to help you reach those goals you've been chasing. Your 6-month roadmap will give you a clear path to reaching the top - personally and professionally. 

It's Better Together™ 

Weekly Workshops • Masterminds • Pop-Up Events

Inspire and be inspired through our weekly workshops, masterminds, and pop-up events. These opportunities with the REVEL community help identify long-term solutions and generate deeper breakthroughs. 


We're a "one-stop shop" for all your coaching needs

Unlimited 1:1 Mentor Sessions • Networking • Connection

Don't wait until your back is against the wall to look for work-life solutions. All of our Mentors are pre-vetted to take the time, energy, and headache out of searching for one-off solutions. Our 15+ Mentors cover a diverse range of topics to serve our members in all facets of life and are truly the people we would trust to coach us.


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"I am grateful for Marcy and the work she does to support our team at all levels of the company. When she works with our senior leadership team, it helps us to think differently about the marketplace and make decisions based on our strategy. The results of her sales training and coaching are seen through the team’s confidence to position our company based on value, close sales, and earn referrals. Marcy is one of my favorite people to brainstorm with and get great advice from."

Dean M., VP of HR & People Development at iMethods


"Over the past several weeks, I’ve been conducting individual scheduled calls with our company in an effort to make the necessary changes to build a stronger company with a better experience for all. Through these conversations, your name and coaching services have been consistently raised as a top meaningful benefit by those with whom you are working. I want you to know that you are having a significant impact on several lives and careers."

Shane I., CEO at Tential®


 "I cannot recommend Marcy Stoudt highly enough. Our journey initially started as a corporate relationship, where she was asked to help many of us achieve a corporate initiative. Marcy has helped me through some of my life's greatest transitions. Her personalized approach is relational, applicable, and achievable. I would not be the leader, husband, and friend I am today without the wisdom and coaching of Marcy. For that, I am eternally grateful!!!

Jason S., Customer Engagement Manager at RF Smart®


"Marcy is a great resource when others are stumped by a problem because she often sees a way forward or a solution when others don't."

Kristina P., Founder of Kristina Phillips Interior Design

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