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What’s Your Leadership Legacy?

Small Acts, Lasting Impact: Building a Legacy Through Everyday Actions

Our dad broke his elbow as a child. It healed but prevented him from holding his arm straight. When he taught us to play tennis, he’d joke, “Do as I say, not as I do!”

As the leader of our family, however, he created a leadership legacy by making strategic daily choices to be present, encouraging, and empowering.

A leadership legacy isn't just about accolades or titles; it's the enduring impact left on those in your sphere of influence—at home, work, and the community. Understanding how to build your leadership legacy requires awareness of your strategic daily choices.

While grand gestures may capture attention, the small, strategic ones often leave the most impact.

Commit to Daily Actions

Like families, organizational leaders set the tone. Senior executives mold their legacy through their everyday actions. These daily practices influence the entire company.

Active Listening

Active listening is the cornerstone of effective leadership. Leaders who listen to understand and value team members' ideas, concerns, and feedback. They communicate their vision and provide updates to keep everyone aligned.

Recognizing Efforts:

Acknowledging and celebrating small achievements and milestones brings big rewards. Simple acts like sending a thank-you note or offering public praise can boost morale and motivation.

Empowering Teams:

Giving teams ownership and accountability encourages resilience, growth, and adaptability while building strong, trusting relationships.

Leaders who nurture their teams will build a lasting legacy. When executives listen actively and recognize individual and team efforts while empowering them, teams, in turn, will follow the leader’s example, creating a positive and lasting influence.


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About the author: As the co-founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of Revel Coach, a career growth platform, Alison Nissen helps leaders perfect their business pitches and online presence through storytelling. Successful executives use key storytelling points to engage their audience and gain market share because they know good storytelling is the best form of marketing, recruiting, and fundraising. Write Your Book NOW! Mastermind enrolling now.

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