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Investing in Leaders

It's Better Together™

Our Vision

To inspire and support individuals on their unique journey to success, fostering a community of confidence, inspiration, and belonging while guiding them to live life to the fullest, while reveling in the moments.

We are passionate about developing strong leaders, building cohesive teams, and creating a work environment that fosters growth and success.
How We Support Our Clients

Executive Coaching

A results-oriented 6-month program that's personalized to help you achieve those goals you've been chasing. 

Team Workshops

A collaborative environment designed to unlock your team's full potential, increase productivity, and work better together.


A collective approach to problem-solving with like-minded individuals with opportunities to dive deeper and grow your network.


A strategic tool to tap into to inspire your high-performance team or make a lasting impression at a special event. 

Step into a BOLD new you.


"Joining the CEO Accelerator Mastermind was a game-changer for me. The personalized coaching and mentorship helped me identify blind spots in my leadership style, and the actionable insights I gained have had a direct impact on my company's performance. I can confidently say that this mastermind has been instrumental in my growth as an executive."

Lauren D., SVP of Human Resources

Experience the power of a community that gets YOU!

As a REVEL COACH™ client, you'll have opportunities to dive even deeper. Here are just a few perks our community has access to:

Unlimited 1:1 Mentor Sessions

We like to think of REVEL COACH™ as a "one-stop shop" for your coaching needs. As a client, you'll have access to all our Mentors' calendars for mentorship when you need it most. 

Exclusive Weekly Workshops

Our weekly workshops and pop-up events give clients an opportunity to grow and network with like-minded Leaders. 

Automated Coaching™ in collaboration with CloverLeaf

Receive personalized insights and tips that boost self-awareness and confidence. This is one of our members' favorite perks! Try it now...on us. Includes some of the most popular personality and career assessments, like Enneagram, DiSC, and 16 Types, for free.

Thank You For Your Support

Celebrating 5 Years of

We never miss a chance to celebrate our clients when they reach a goal they've been working towards. Now, it's only right to "walk the walk" ourselves as we've hit this big milestone. We are overwhelmed with gratitude as we reflect on the past 5 years of dedication, growth, and commitment. Our mission has impacted over 200 clients and organizations and we eagerly look forward to serving even more people who are looking to live their most fulfilling lives. If you're reading this note and have been thinking about investing in your future, ask yourself "If not now, when?" We'd love to connect! 

REVELing in this moment,

Marcy & Alison


Did you hear the news?!

REVEL™ is expanding to include Executive Search!

Revel Search Boomerang (2).gif

Are you focused on attracting and retaining top talent? So are we! We're thrilled to unveil REVEL SEARCH. With our passion for networking and serving our clients, it was a natural progression for REVEL to establish an executive search firm. The two REVEL™ companies will work hand in hand to help our clients attract and retain top talent.

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