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Let's Go Treasure Hunting (No Shovel Required)

“Do you like fall or spring better?” I asked Monique.

“Oh, I can’t decide. I think all seasons are exciting. There's the smell of fall and the blooms of spring. There’s the comfort of heavy blankets in winter and freedom of summer.”

Yes, she said the word exciting—and that’s why I love hanging out with Monique. She finds joy in most situations, and not in an I’m-wearing-rose-colored-glasses way. It’s her nature to reflect on the small things, the little picture rather than the big.

Even though Monique savors the small things, she still dreams big. She has lofty goals and has achieved many of them. However, it’s her ability to focus on the little things that keep her grounded, and that’s what I admire.

Staying grounded in joy is not always easy. When Monique’s child was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy, she spent time grieving. Then she got to work. She now uses her platform to advocate for him and others. Each day she spends with her son is a cause for celebration, not despair.

Monique has now become my joy mentor. Monique is like a treasure hunter who looks under every rock to discover exciting things. She is purposeful in her search for joy. And that’s what I want to do.

So, today I’m also going on a treasure hunt.

  1. I will make joy a priority.

  2. I will remind myself of all the joy I’ve already experienced.

  3. I will invest in joyful experiences with others, not things. Memories with others last a lifetime, a new purse only lasts a season.

  4. I will spread joy with smiles to strangers. I might just make someone’s day, which of course, would make my day. Win-Win!

Life is full of mundane experiences and exciting things. Seeking joy everywhere is my new goal. I’m going on a treasure hunt. Do you want to come along? No shovel required.


Executive Mom Nest advisor, professor, speaker, and author Alison Nissen is the executive director of Branded Interviews, a platform that creates video business cards, webinars, and courses for authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs. She is also the co-founder and president of Revel Coach, a career growth platform and award-winning author. Follow her Tales from the Laundry Room @


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