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Moms: Wishing Mothers Around the World a Special Day

Happy Mother's Day

Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt Revel Coach

Moms, they are moms everywhere.

There are those who have the perfect kids, those who make it look easy, and those who hover just long enough to make me think I must be doing something wrong.

There are those moms who have nothing but trouble, those who never seem to get it right, and those who have given up.

Then there are those whom I feel blessed to have met.

These moms have struggles. They face cancer and divorce, the loss of a partner, the loss of a child. These moms, no matter how great my own personal troubles are, remind me of the joys of parenthood.

These moms hug their kids but hold their feet to the fire.

No matter how tired they are, these moms just keep going.

They go to every football game and music recital; they volunteer at every function; they demand a lot and expect even more.

It’s not their parenting style I admire; it’s the love that’s reflected back to them by their children. Sure, these moms say their teens won’t be seen with them in public and that they embarrass their kids, but that’s just to fit in.

These kids are the ones who pass by their moms and catch eye contact, just for a moment. They wrinkle up the corner of their still-developing jawlines to show a secret pride.

“Yeah, my mom loves me that much.”

These kids know struggle. They know how difficult it is.

These kids might not know it now, but these are the lucky ones. The ones who know their moms love them that much.


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