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3 reasons to stop putting off blogging

Let's talk about blogging. What's all the hype about? Will I see an ROI from blog posts? What's the value add? I get it. Blogging is something that so many business owners dread, but investing time to blog is worth it, and here's why.

1. Inspire your audience.

Use your blogs to motivate, inspire, innovate, and guide. Customers engage with positive messaging and yearn to be part of something bigger than themselves. Breathe life into your business through blogging. It will promote loyalty and long-term engagement with your business.

2. Build your online presence.

Customers are attracted to brands with identities, not businesses that simply sell a service or product. Blogging is the place to share MORE about your business. Tell your

story, show your value.

3. Increase sales.

If the first two reasons don't convince you, then this one will: blogs actually increase sales. Blogs allow an otherwise static website to be constantly updated with fresh, current content (content that is highly shareable on social media!). This will encourage visitors to come back to your site more often. Oh, and of course, the more content, the more visibility. So blogging will actually make your business more likely to get found in search engines.

Don't waste any more time reading my blog - go start your own! I recommend large companies push out blogs multiple times daily, but smaller businesses can have success with about four quality blogs a week. If you need some motivation to get you started, set a reminder every Monday to spend 30-minutes blogging.

Need content ideas? Want someone to take blogging off your plate? Let's connect to see how we can grow your blogging efforts with measurable results at The Social Link Marketing.


Lucy Carlisle is passionate about developing brand identities through storytelling and design. With a communications background, she recognizes aesthetics and storytelling are some of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand. Lucy's goal is to bring your prospective customers on a journey by developing personal connections and sharing stories that captivate and inspire audiences. Lucy has four years of experience in the ROI trifecta: marketing, advertising, and public relations. Her multi-disciplined approach allows her to navigate a multitude of marketing efforts. Visit The Social Link Marketing to learn more.


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