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Optimize Your Strengths

Create a Strategy Your Future Self Will Thank You for!

Riddle time: Who is the most influential storyteller in your life?

Answer: YOU!

As the director of your own story, you shape your narrative through thoughts, actions, and perceptions. Your past experiences guide future decisions and shape your perception of reality.

If you don’t like the story you’re living, tell a different one.

It starts with a vivid vision. Create a vivid vision for your future by imagining where and who you want to be and aligning actions to get there. As you grow and change, remember to celebrate along the way.

Sometimes, however, we need someone to nudge us along. And Clifton Strengths is a good way to start because talent development is more important than ever.

You can leverage your unique talents, mission, purpose, and values. When you are engaged and inspired, you can truly deliver on your brand promise. Developing your strengths is a competitive advantage—and when you use them to align action, you will live your vision today rather than tomorrow.

Revel Coach is excited to announce our Strengths Strategy Mastermind in collaboration with Strengths StrategistTM Petra Krebbs. Krebbs is a trusted partner who works with clients to engage, equip, and elevate them professionally. She ignites the power of people and teams by developing their strengths-based impact. Krebbs excels in self-development, leadership effectiveness, team dynamics, conflict resolutions, gap analysis, and team performance.



Identify what you already possess, define what you want to achieve, and apply tangible tools to ignite your unique strengths.

Ask us about strategies to attract and retain top talent.


As the co-founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of Revel Coach, a career growth platform, Alison Nissen helps leaders perfect their business pitches and online presence through storytelling. Successful executives use key storytelling points to engage their audience and gain market share because they know good storytelling is the best form of marketing, recruiting, and fundraising. Write Your Book NOW! Mastermind enrolling now.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


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