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What to Expect When the Team is Expecting

9 Ways to Support Expecting Teammates

Paternity Leave? So much has changed since I experienced my first maternity leave in 1994. For example, maternity clothes are now cute! But more importantly, once viewed solely through the lens of maternal responsibility, parenthood is now recognized as a shared journey where both parents play vital roles. When a teammate is expecting a baby, here are nine things managers can do to support them:

Congratulate them:

The first thing a manager should do is to congratulate their teammate on the exciting news. Show that you are happy for them and offer your support. Whether it is their 1st or 4th, expecting a child is exciting (and a little nerve-wracking!).

Discuss their plans:

Talk with your teammate about their plans for the baby's arrival. This will help you understand their needs and how you can best support them.

Review company policies:

Review your company's policies around parental leave, flexible working hours, and other benefits. Make sure your teammate is aware of these policies and how they can take advantage of them.

Discuss workload:

Discuss how the teammate's pregnancy will affect their workload and how you can help distribute and prioritize their tasks.

Be flexible:

Be flexible with your teammate's schedule. Allow them to work from home or adjust their working hours if needed. This will help them balance their work and personal lives.

Support their health:

Health challenges aren't only experienced by moms. The stress of a new family member can affect everyone involved. Encourage your teammate to take breaks and prioritize their health during pregnancy. Offer resources and support for their well-being.

Keep communication open:

Keep communication open with your teammate and check in regularly to ensure they feel supported and comfortable.

Plan for their absence:

Plan for your teammate's absence during parental leave and ensure their responsibilities are covered while away.

Celebrate their return:

Celebrate your teammate's return to work after their parental leave. Make them feel welcomed and valued as they adjust back to their role. Remember to check in with them periodically after their return.

When teammates are expecting, it's not about balance but harmony. Adjusting to change can be challenging, but when everyone is on the same page, the team can feel confident that progress will be made.


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