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Have you ever asked yourself: What kind of mom do I want to be? A Working Mom or Stay-at-Home Mom? It’s the kind of question that often burdens women as we go through different phases with our families. When I started working in 1994, the answer to that question was clear. I knew the finish line to my corporate career would be when I had my first child. As a result, I raced to gather career trophies and save as much money as I could, so when I looked back, I would be proud of what I accomplished. Ironically, during that focused sprint, I fell in love with my career, the people I worked with, and the challenges that Corporate America presented to me. By the time my daughter arrived, I gained the title of the first female Vice President of my company and managed a 300-person team. For the first time, I really wavered in my lifelong vision to be a Stay-at-Home Mom. It felt like there were only two choices and I was restricting myself by picking either one: a Working Mom or Stay-at-Home Mom. I remember looking my baby girl in the eyes and saying, “today, I will try to be the executive who prioritizes family first. And, the day I feel lopsided is the day I’ll stay home with you.” That day came a few weeks before my baby girl’s 14th birthday. 

There is joy and sacrifice in both roles. Neither seem to be a perfect match for me - even to this day. I’ve witnessed leadership, bravery, loyalty, kindness, joy, and countless more descriptions of strength in all moms. It was at this point, I realized the trap I had created by dividing mothers into 2 limiting categories. When I eliminated that endless debate, I could see clearly. Mothers cannot be defined into a generic category. We are many things.

My mission to help time-starved, overwhelmed working moms find harmony with success is near and dear to my heart. I remember when I used to share that feeling of being rushed all day only to find my energy completely drained during family time. When building this program, I leveraged my personal experience in Corporate America, as a Working Mom, and as a Stay-at-Home Mom to anticipate any support our members may need from personal wellness to home-life-balance to career so she experiences harmony on a daily basis. Now it's time to be bold. It’s time to shine in a way you never realized was imaginable. It’s BIG. You’re prepared. Your family is cheering you on to go for it. You have the chance to go for it without ever questioning your role as a brilliant, beautiful woman. See you in the Nest!

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