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Room for 1 More

Nest Advisor Kristina Phillips loves her work. One of her very favorite parts about designing spaces is discovering what inspires her clients. A simple question of "where do you love to go?" can spark an entire scheme - and bring back some fond memories.

In one of her recent designs, she created a banquette that's not just for breakfast. It's a great place to work AND play. This piece was custom-made by a local furniture builder + upholsterer for a flawless fit.

Kristina says, soon, this cute family of three will be adding one more high chair to the table.

Photo || @lisa.russman


Kristina Phillips, Nest Advisor and Interior Designer, believes your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. Kristina helps busy moms curate their style for an elevated, yet functional home. Her mentorship makes the daunting task of decorating and design manageable and actually enjoyable.


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