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Don't Be Afraid of Unfollows and Unsubscribes

Don’t be afraid of unfollows and unsubscribes.

There’s no point creating content for people who don’t love you.

Yes - love you.

Read that again.

You put so much energy into your message - why should you give your energy away to people who don’t appreciate it?

My account grows pretty slowly but consistently.

I get unfollows and unsubscribes every single day.

Every single newsletter I send out gets just under 1% unsubscribes.

With a little list size like mine, that’s a lot (or at least it used to feel that way).

So what? No big deal! I unsubscribe from stuff - don’t you?

It makes more room for people who actually like you - and who could work with you in the future.

Pro Tip: turn off the unsubscribe notifications.

It will free up so much mental energy.

Plus, 99% of the feedback will be stuff that you can’t (or shouldn’t) change.

Like, "You send too many emails (even if you don’t)" or "I never signed up for this!" (They did).

You’re not a perfect match for everyone.

When someone says you’re ‘too this’ or ‘too that,’ there’s nothing you can do about it.

Should you change everything about your business to accommodate everyone’s preferences?

No: because it’s impossible! You could shorten your newsletters, and you’ll still be criticized.

You could change your face, and someone won’t like the new one.

Just be you!

(And for real - turn off those unsubscribe notifications.)


Breanna Gunn | Marketing Consultant & Copywriter Breanna believes that we can all win at business AND life. Personally, she knew there was a better way, so she made it her mission to do business differently. She set up office hours, turned off her computer in the evening and weekends, and got really, really good at setting boundaries. Through purposeful messaging and communication, she teaches clients how to drive business results while prioritizing time to reconnect with themselves, family, and friends.


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