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Leaders Make Change Happen.

Let's get started.

Join the REVEL Community.

Executive Coaching Membership

/ month


Executive Level

6-month commitment.* 

/ month


Manager Level

6-month commitment.* 


✓ Dedicated Executive Coach

✓ Option to Join Monthly Mastermind

✓ Leadership Check-Ins

✓ Unlimited Access to Revel Mentors 

✓ Community Networking 

✓ CloverLeaf for Self-Awareness Coaching

✓ 90-Minute Facilitated Team Workshop

✓ Weekly Nest Mastermind (Women Only)

✓ $2,000 Discount for upfront payment per 6-month coaching engagement

✓ Option to move to Mastermind or Nest Membership Level after 6-month commitment

$1,500 New Member Orientation Fee.

Fee waived for upfront payment.

Mastermind Membership


/ month

6-month commitment.* 

✓ Dedicated Mentor

✓ Dedicated Monthly Mastermind 
✓ Leadership Check-Ins 

✓ Unlimited Access to Revel Mentors

✓ Community Networking 

✓ CloverLeaf for Self-Awareness Coaching 

✓ 90-Minute Facilitated Team Workshop 

✓ Weekly Nest Mastermind (Women Only) 

✓ $1,200 Discount for upfront payment of 6 months

✓ Option to move to Nest Membership Level after 6-month commitment

$1,500 New Member Orientation Fee.

Fee waived for upfront payment.

Curious about competitor pricing for Executive Coaching, Masterminds & Team Workshops? Download brochure.


Powered by REVEL

The Nest is Revel Coach's signature program exclusively for women! We said goodbye to one-size-fits-all coaching and created something truly extraordinary. It's all about personalized support and community connection.


⭐️ Our members can schedule unlimited 1-on-1 mentor calls with experts specializing in health, organization, public speaking, mindfulness, and more.


⭐️ Our members connect with like-minded women, and grow together on the path to success through our weekly workshops, private LinkedIn page, and pop-up events. 

/ month


12-month commitment.* 

Weekly Nest Mastermind

✓ Unlimited Access to Revel Mentors 

✓ Community Networking

✓ CloverLeaf for Self-Awareness Coaching

X  90-Minute Facilitated Team Workshop 

X  Dedicated Executive Coach

Or treat your team!


/ workshop

Team Workshops

Additional fees for in-person facilitation.

✓ 90-Minute Facilitated Team Workshop

✓ CloverLeaf Access for 6-months 

✓ 2 Executive Coaching Sessions


Prices vary, please inquire to learn more. 

A peek into the process:

✓ Select a Revel Speaker Based on Expertise and Authority
✓ Share Event Goals with Revel Speaker 
✓ Revel Speaker to Craft a Clear Objective 
✓ Revel Speaker Delivers Memorable Message with Engaging Content

*One Team Workshop is complimentary to client's on Elite Executive Coaching or Mastermind Membership.* 

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Getting Started

 At REVEL COACH, we believe coaching should be accessible and simple to get started.  

Our process includes 3 straightforward steps: 

Confirm Your Request


Email to confirm availability and start date.


Sign Company Agreements

  • NDA & Vendor Service Agreement: Option to sign Revel Coach or Client’s Agreements.

  • SOW: In collaboration with the client, Revel Coach will detail expectations of both parties. 

  • Invoice: Sent monthly with the right to cancel anytime. 


Schedule Your First Appointment

  • Welcome and Review of Client Goal

  • Alignment and Expectations for Achieving Results

  • Engagement Process Overview

  • Confidentiality and Boundaries for Success

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching (Personalized and Most Expensive)
    When to Choose 1:1 Executive Coaching: This option is ideal if you have highly personalized leadership development needs, require in-depth guidance, and can commit to a longer coaching relationship. At Revel Coach, we blend the disciplines of Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship. For this option, often our experience is leveraged to customize the best solutions for our clients to move forward. Benefits: You'll receive personalized attention, tailored guidance, and a deep exploration of your leadership challenges and goals. It's suitable for those in executive or high-level leadership roles. Our Executive Coaching clients also receive unlimited access to our team of Revel Coach Mentors + Leaders.
  • Niche Mastermind (Monthly Ongoing Group Based on a Specific Subject)
    When to Choose a Mastermind: Opt for a niche mastermind if you want ongoing learning and support in a specific area of leadership or personal development. It’s also a great option when you want to collaborate with peers who share similar responsibilities. Benefits: You'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and gain insights from a diverse group. This option can provide ongoing support and networking. Our Mastermind clients also receive unlimited access to our team of Revel Coach Mentors + Leaders.
  • 90-Minute Team Workshops
    When to Choose a Team Workshop: This is suitable for addressing a specific, immediate issue or skill development in a short timeframe. It can be open to a broader audience for shared learning, connection and impact Benefits: It's time-efficient and can provide targeted learning on a specific topic. It's a good option if you need a quick solution or introduction to a leadership concept. It’s also our least expensive option.
  • Keynote (In-Person or Virtual Speech for a Large Audience)
    When to Choose a Keynote: Consider this option if you want to inspire or educate a large group or if you need to convey a particular message to your organization. Benefits: Keynotes can be powerful for conveying a vision, sharing insights, or motivating a large audience. They are typically shorter and impactful presentations.
  • A note from the Revel Coach team on selecting an offering that's right for you.
    To decide which option is best for you, consider your current leadership needs, budget, time availability, and the level of customization you require. Also, think about the format that resonates most with your learning style and leadership development goals. In some cases, a combination of these options might be the most effective approach, such as combining 1:1 coaching for personalized development with occasional workshops or mastermind groups for broader insights and networking. We look forward to working with you! Have questions? Schedule a 1:1 with Marcy here.
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Client References


Clint Drawdy, CEO @ iMethods


Tim Nolan, CEO @ Tote Maritime


Shane Ireland, CEO @ Tential


Paromita Sarkar, VP of Enterprise Digital Engineering


Lauren Dabney, SVP of Human Resources & XL Parts


Steff Whiting, VP of Marketing 


John Kaplan, President @ Force Management 


Chris Greco, CEO @ Waycross Partners

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