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Alison Nissen’s insights as a beta reader and editor have been invaluable to me. I’ve grown personally and as a writer because of her influence. As a facilitator and writing group leader her analytical ability allows her to focus on specific, helpful feedback.

 –Barbara Meyers, Author White Roses in Winter

Alison, there are no words that adequately describe the deep gratitude I have for you. Thanks to you the words made it from my heart and mind to paper and will help others in difficult situations find hope.

-Scott Headley, Author Resolve, Courage, Hope 

To Alison Nissen who assisted in editing, offered comments, and most important, provided guidance in bringing my personal chapter to life I say: muchas gracias.

-Jose Manuel Garcia, Author Voices from Mariel

Alison and I worked together on my book.  She helped me every step of the way with the overall editing and writing of the book. If it wasn’t for her my book would still be sitting on my shelf in my office.

-Jason Brown, Author Motivational Moments

Alison is a writer’s best friend. Her suggestions, tweaks and edits are transformative. She has a gift for making the writing stronger and richer while preserving the voice of the writer. Instead of feeling frustrated and lonely in the writing process, I feel supported and encouraged. Alison is a an amazing editor and coach.

-Julie Hasson, Founder Chalk & Chances

I have worked with Alison Nissen on several projects and am continually impressed by her numerous and widespread skills around the field of writing. From personal essays to ghostwriting projects, Alison's experience and technical knowledge provides a natural voice for both herself and her clients. Working with Alison Nissen provides a fruitful experience for writers in any field. 

-Chris O'Byrne, Author The Beautiful Addiction: Learning to Fly Fish Near Your Home

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Why I Write

In 1980, my ninth-grade English teacher believed I couldn’t write. I would be destined to have an endless string of jobs ringing cash registers and popping out babies.  Well, to be frank, she didn’t say that exactly.  She did recommend remedial high school classes. Which I took and aced—as in A+.

What my teacher didn’t know was that I would later receive both a BA and MA in English Literature and go on to teach college writing.

In ninth grade, I couldn’t spell worth a darn.  My English teacher based her assessment on spelling exams, which I consistently failed.  No matter that I submitted a toothpick replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or that I devoured the few classics we read in class that year, I couldn’t spell.

In college, I still couldn’t spell.  In fact, I wrote a paper that had nine misspellings of the same word.  Minus 45 points.  Ouch.

Then along came spell check—the miraculous invention that puts little red squiggly lines under words it doesn’t recognize.  I still had to look up the words, but at least I could figure out which ones were spelled incorrectly.

It became a game: guess the correct spelling before I found it in the dictionary.  I won more times than not.  I became a spell check champion!

In 1997, I received a dyslexia diagnosis.  That explained many things:  why I always turned left instead of right, why I constantly misdialed phone numbers, and why I couldn’t spell.

My personal struggle is like many millions of others who share in learning differences.  Today I fashion myself a writer, not because of or in spite of my ninth-grade teacher.  Rather, I write because I enjoy it.  Writing allows me to express myself and keep in touch with family and friends.


I have been fortunate to have my work honored with awards and medals, published in magazines, and placed on bookshelves. And now, I want others to know that they, too, can write with award-winning style. I believe no one should be afraid of words. And, okay, maybe it also has a little to do with the fact that a long time ago someone suggested I should have an endless string of jobs as a cashier.

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