Join the Clean Crafted Wine movement. 

Scout & Cellar

Marcy's passion for a healthy lifestyle inspired her to

join the Scout & Cellar team.  

Once you learn what's really in our FDA approved wine,  you'll never want to drink anything but Clean Crafted.  It's not complicated to enjoy wine that is free of added sugars and added chemicals.  


You simply need to know where to buy it.


 We want to inspire friends, family & colleagues

to drink wines free of the junk that we shouldn't be consuming. 


Clean wine | Why Not? 

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The heart of Revel Coach is identifying opportunities for women.  


If you're curious about joining the

Revel Coach Scout & Cellar Team, please contact Marcy. 

Our priority will always be Revel Coach. This is too simple, fun and healthy to not say

Maybe I could ....

inspire more women to drink clean wine, 

while building a business of her own.