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Crafting Trust

How Trust, Like Fine Woodworking, Requires Attention to Detail

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Have you heard of the four-legged stool metaphor? Each leg represents something important. Cost, Safety, Schedule Quality. If one of the legs is too short or weak, the stool will fall over.

If the stool can’t stand, it’s useless. But what keeps all the legs together?

The seat. The seat is the trust that binds them. It keeps them stable, standing strong and proud.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a seasoned executive, trust keeps us on the path to success.

Collectively, the legs guide resource management, mitigate risks, maintain timelines, and uphold standards of excellence. But trust ensures team cohesion and client satisfaction.

We know that cost management is important to making a profit and that safety ensures well-being. That time commitment is essential, and that quality keeps our clients returning. Trust, however, is well-crafted and earned; it’s the piece of the stool that provides stability and resilience. It’s the foundation of a solid relationship. It’s the key to unlocking endless opportunities in the business world.

Without trust, you know the stool is just a pile of legs.

Crafting trust is like the work of a skilled woodworker. It requires precision, attention to detail, and time. Just as a master craftsperson carefully selects the perfect wood and meticulously shapes each piece, building trust demands intentional actions and consistency.

It’s about delivering on promises, communicating openly and transparently, and demonstrating integrity in every interaction. Like a well-crafted stool, trust is built layer by layer, strengthened with every experience shared between individuals and organizations.


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Alison Nissen of Revel Story

As the co-founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of Revel Coach, a career growth platform, Alison Nissen helps leaders perfect their business pitches and online presence through storytelling. Successful executives use key storytelling points to engage their audience and gain market share because they know good storytelling is the best form of marketing, recruiting, and fundraising. Present with Power Mastermind enrolling now.

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