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The Power of Coaching and Nurturing New Mothers in Postnatal Recovery

Supporting New Moms Through Postnatal Recovery

The Nest Mastermind

When it comes to nurturing new mothers during their postnatal recovery, these trends emphasize the significance of coaching in supporting new mothers' mental and emotional health.

Maternal Mental Health: 

Around 10% of pregnant women and 13% of new mothers experience mental disorders, mainly depression and anxiety.

Postpartum Depression: 

Postpartum depression affects about 15% of US new mothers, highlighting the need for support (US statistics).

Virtual Support Demand:

 The pandemic has increased demand for virtual perinatal mental health services (2020 study).

Positive Impact: 

Coaching and therapy show positive outcomes, including better mental health and overall well-being (Journal of Women's Health).

Holistic Care: 

Interest in holistic postnatal care is growing, focusing on mental and emotional well-being.

Self-Care Importance: 

New mothers prioritize self-care for improved mental health and effective caregiving.

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Nest Mastermind Mentor Neela Ghomeshi

Lifestyle Health Coach and Nest by Revel™ Advisor Neela Asaadi helps individuals declutter overwhelm by going back to the basics and discovering their unique needs. She is your constant support system in accessing your “best self” by strengthening those life-long habits. To keep up with the latest healthy lifestyle tips and topics, follow along on the Soul & Spoons blog!


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