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October 19, 2021
  Donna Ashton
Course Coach
Donna Ashton Consulting
October 26, 2021
 Annie Tuttle 
Ancient City Brewing
November 2, 2021
 Millen Livis
Independence Financial Mentor
 Dare to Change Life
November 9, 2021
Amy Kelly
Organizational Development
 Chief Learning Officer
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Amy Reyer

Mindfulness Coah

Have you tried the old way to slow down? It’s short-term and exhausting!


Rather than adding time-saving hacks to your schedule, practice Loving-Kindness and Compassion with yourself and others. In this Revel Coach conversation, we welcome researcher, writer, and mindfulness coach Amy Reyer about how cultivating an inner sense of goodwill towards yourself and others, has a calming effect on the mind. Never miss a Revel Coach interview by subscribing to the RevelCoach YouTube channel.

#RevelCoach #Mindfulness #ArtofLivingSlowly #Meditation #AmyReyer

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Penny Di Giovanna

Certified Financial Planner

Are you prepared for the unexpected? In this conversation, Revel Coach chats with Certified Financial Planner Penny Di Giovanna who is passionate about helping women facing major life changes, including divorce and the death of a spouse. Join our It’s Better Together+ conversation with Penny and how she inspires these women to achieve their version of financial success through a carefully crafted financial planning process centered around her clients’ values and priorities. ⠀

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Jamie Alix Barber

J. Alix Barber

What do you do when you come to a fork in the road?


Photographer, designer, and business developer Jamie Alix Barber believes that you can have it all--even if life derails you. ⠀ ⠀


Enjoy this replay of Tuesday@2:00ET live conversation of It’s Better Together with Revel Coach + Jamie Alix Barber who says with determination and persistence, we can overcome derailments and forks in the road to experience an enriching and empowering journey. Let’s embrace grace towards ourselves and others to show the world just how far we can travel. ⠀

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Marcy & Alison

The Revel Way 

Are you living the Revel Way? ⠀

Discover how to turn your passion into profit by creating a vivid vision, aligning action, developing a growth mindset, and prioritizing joy. These 4 steps will help you balance the ups and downs of becoming an entrepreneur. ⠀

On recap of the live Tuesday@2:00 broadcast, It's Better Together with Revel Coach+, Co-Founders Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt discuss how Revel Coach has created a successful platform to coach and encourage others.

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Ginnette Harvey

Harper & Gray

Let’s narrow the gap. This week on It’s Better Together with Revel Coach+, Revel Coach co-founders Marcy Stoudt and Alison Nissen chat with Harper & Gray founder Ginnette Harvey about thriving in male-dominated industries. Ginnette prides herself on championing Diversity and Inclusion and advocating for gender equality in leadership. ⠀
Before launching Harper & Gray in 2021, Ginnette established herself as a top woman in sales being named a Woman of Influence by Chicago Business Journal, receiving the Woman of the Year Stevie Award, presented by the American Business Awards, and was named on SIAs 2020 list for the Top 100 most influential leaders in staffing. Today, Ginnette is driving change in the industry by providing talent solutions that put Diversity and Inclusion first. ⠀

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Lauren B. Jones

Leap Consulting Solutions

Have you ever applied for a job but been ghosted? Do you feel like you are just a piece of paper to recruiters? ⠀

Lauren B. Jones understands that looking for a job is stressful. As a leader, influencer, and innovator in the staffing industry with the singular focus to help businesses keep the job process human, Lauren started Leap Consulting Solutions to create a positive technology experience for both customers and candidates. ⠀

Discover Lauren’s exciting (and a bit terrifying) jump from a traditional career to becoming an entrepreneur with the desire to transform the recruiting industry. Listen to the It's Better Together podcast recap to discover how she has built her company one conversation at a time. #techstackqueen #goatleader #askLauren


Revel Coach Founders

Marcy Stoudt & Alison Nissen

It’s time to be bold. It’s time to shine in a way you never realized was imaginable. Are you brave enough? Why not be the girl who decided to go for it? ⠀

You’re prepared. Your family is cheering you on to go for it. You have the tools, the experience, the connections and the respect to go for it without ever questioning your role as a brilliant, beautiful woman.⠀

Let's prioritize joy and live our vision with Marcy Stoudt and Alison Nissen. Listen to the July 13, 2021 It's Better Together with Revel Coach! 

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Jaclyn Strauss

MyMacroMemoir Founder

Oh No! What’s that password? Frustrated with a million login IDs, Jaclyn Strauss set out to find a more efficient way to help organize what is most important to us online. My Macro Memoir™ is your digital binder that leaves you with peace of mind knowing that everything is in one place. In this recap of Tuesday@2:00ET (May 25, 2021) conversation, Revel Coach talks with Jaclyn about how she went from idea to launching the internet’s decluttering tool for our online presence. #whyImemoir #revelcoach #womeninspiringwomen #womeninleadership


Kerry Flynn Barrett

HR Consultant

Do you want to achieve great success but have “people problems” at work? Kerry Flynn Barrett of Flynn Barrett Consulting knows how to help companies and teams build partnerships to realize their highest potential. Listen to the It's Better Together Podcast recap of Tuesday@2:00 as Revel Coach talks with Kerry about how teams can cultivate a communication style that fosters employee engagement, promotes company culture, and helps teams thrive.

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Leslie Vickrey

CEO & Founder

Your brand was meant to shine. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could swoop in and get everyone to fall in love with your story and tell it to their friends, who will fall in love, too? In 2006, Leslie Vickrey founded ClearEdge Marketing with the purpose of doing just that. Join the It's Better Together Recap of Revel Coach’s Tuesday@2:00ET Live Conversation with Leslie to learn how she grew her 40+ employee company with a team primarily of women.

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Amy White, MSN, BCHN, FNLP

Holistic Nutritionist

Board-certified holistic nutritionist and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner Amy White uses her Hangry to Healthy™ approach to health and weight loss by creating a metabolic balance that naturally promotes the health and happy body weight you crave. Stop feeling frustrated and hopeless and start working with your body to feel confident and empowered with the Simplicity of Wellness.

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Devon Witt


Devon Witt guides her clients through the process of taking care of their largest asset while keeping her clients’ needs at the forefront. Devon stays inspired through market fluctuations while remaining diligent with each transaction earning her repeat business and referrals.


Alison Nissen

Author | Coach | Entrepreneur

Alison Nissen who recently launched Branded Interviews as a way to help Authors, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs create video business cards for their media spaces. Alison, an award-winning ghostwriter dedicated to helping others tell their stories, started Branded Interviews to help others make meaningful connections by helping them tell their stories--without having to shake hands. ⠀


Arielle Haughee (Hoy)

Author | Publisher

Award-winning multi-genre author and owner of Orange Blossom Publishing balances her love of good conversation, motherhood and reading while providing excellent service on marketing, collaboration, and publishing. 


Marrin Costello

Brand Architech

Bold, beautiful & kind. International Businesswoman and jewelry designer Marrin Costello is now a brand architect — offering perspective, facilitating clarity, and delivering results to clients across all fields of expertise. 

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Sandy Misenheimer Pelot

Financial Advisor

Whether it’s saving for college, retiring the way you want, making smart investments or anything else, your financial goals are individual, and Sandy Misenheimer Pelot can help you achieve them.


Audrey Waldron

SheDoes Official Swimwear

Building a lifestyle brand is no easy feat. Swimsuit model turned fashion designer Audrey Waldron, founder of She Does Official Swimwear, creates luxurious yet functional swimwear that transitions straight from the beach/pool and into the evening. These versatile, and in some cases convertible suits, are designed so that they can be easily complemented with other pieces and accessorized to create complete and stylish, top-to-bottom looks.


Linda Sameuls

Oh, So Organized!

Oh, So Organized founder Linda Samuels is a professional organizer, author, and blogger. Linda helps her clients tame their chaos not by waving a magic wand, but by asking questions and tackling chores one item at a time.

And even better, she makes virtual housecalls!


Lucy Carlisle

The Social Link

Lucy Carlisle is passionate about developing brand identities through storytelling and design. With a communications background, she recognizes aesthetics and storytelling are some of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand.


Andrea Walton

Poet | Author

Accomplished poet and Diva on Wheels Andrea Walton hates the word handicapped; instead, she considers herself handi-capable. Andrea shares her diverse view of living with abilities through her poetry which consistently depicts strength, courage, and vitality. Andrea uses her books to share the experience of living life as a woman with a disability and breaks the stigma of less-than.


Breanna Gunn

Are you frustrated with prospecting? Breanna Gunn gets more “HELL YES”-es and fewer “Nopes” for her clients by creating a scalable system that allows them to stop testing and tweaking everything to focus on filling their calendar with qualified leads.


Tamara White

Tamara White Coaching

Are you today’s essential worker? Mother, spouse, homeschool teacher? In the midst of uncertainty, today, more than ever, women are the backbone of our families and communities. Don’t lose sight of your trajectory.  Tamara White of Tamara White Coaching provides actionable steps on how we can take the steps needed to reach our goals and live our passion.


Nitu Patel

Phoenix and Rose Feng Shui

Do you feel stuck with clutter? Or maybe you constantly need an energy boost? Phoenix and Rose’s founder and feng shui expert, Nitu Patel, works with individuals to create powerful transformations in their space. So much can be accomplished with Nitu’s 4-hour virtual feng shui!


Melissa Papock

Cabana Life Founder

At age 26, Melissa Papock was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She was shocked that her lightweight clothing wasn't protecting her. When she couldn’t find stylish sun protective options, her dream was launched: create a new line of sun protection clothing that you actually WANT to wear.

Today, the founder & CEO of Cabana Life has built a successful fashion line through constant learning, love, laughs and lots of coffee. 

Kelly B.png

Kelly Barrera

School Board Member

Kelly Barrera, St. Johns County Past School Board Chair's passion for volunteering in her children’s school combined with her background in business, government, and education compelled her to run for an elected office, despite the fear & stress of leading a political campaign.  


Petra Krebbs

Speaker | Leader | Trainer

Want to be more engaged at work? At home? As a sales, business, and leadership development coach, Petra Krebbs of PK Consulting helps individuals and teams discover the strengths they need to achieve success. 


Kathryn Gordon

Relationship Grit

Great relationships don’t happen by accident―they take commitment, hard work, and grit. Kathryn Gordon discusses the challenges of keeping a marriage together while working, writing, and raising children in Relationship Grit

Kathryn’s husband and co-author, Jon Gordon, inspires audiences around the world through his talks and bestselling books, like The Energy Bus and The Power of Positive Leadership.


Jen Williamson

Unshakeable Family

Families that dream together, stay together. The Unshakeable Family series was a labor of love brought to life by JenWilliamson, her husband Willy, and their twins Zac and Zoe. Starting from scratch, they built an on-line series during the pandemic to share breakthrough strategies to create the thriving family relationships everyone desires. 


Michele McManamon

Operation New Uniform

Michele McManamon was on a mission to start something that matters. She co-founded Operation New Uniform with the commitment to help veterans develop the skills necessary to connect their military background to a new career in business. Prior to launching this 501c3 in 2014, Michele was awarded Woman Business Owner of the Year (2002); one of Top 50 Business of Influence (2011); and, one of the Top 25 Influential Women in Jacksonville, FL.


Wendy Maybury


There are two kinds of moms in the world: The kind that make organic baby food from angel tears...and then there's the rest of us. Comedian, photographer, trainer, speaker, and now recording artist Wendy Maybury shares the funnier side of life in her new comedy album “She’s Not from Around Here."


Jack Brown

Chief Investment Officer

Oh brother! Chief Investment Officer of Aviance Capital Partners and our brother, Jack Brown oversees all aspects of portfolio management and provides investment solutions as a registered investment advisor. His focus is on managing the firm’s value strategy but includes overall executive management, client service, and market and economic research.

Diana Davis.png

Diana Davis

Photographer & Team Builder

Magnetic content creator and creative photographer Diana Davis is known not just for creating vibrant, inspirational photos, but also for building teams of badass women.  Diana understands her clients’ unique needs—whether they’re a freelance side hustler or a corporate marketing director. 


Kayla Rodriguez

Marketing & Branding Expert

Looking for ways to help your brand thrive? Kayla Rodriguez founder of KDL Creative Consulting knows the importance of utilizing branding, graphic design, and social media to help you build confidence and find your segment. Kayla helps her clients learn how to thrive in the crowded media marketplace.


Towanna Bazile

Speaker | Mentor | Coach

Have you failed to put on your oxygen mask and run out of gas? Too many times women and busy professionals place their primary focus on everything but themselves. YOU matter too! Towanna Gary Bazile founded For Mindfulness Sake to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and discover their purpose: Mind, Body, Spirit.

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Ashley Hanna

Entrepreneur & Yogi

Ashley Hanna has an unbreakable spirit that she shares with her clients via her yoga studio, Titanium Yoga. Ashley survived a near-fatal auto accident in 2016 to becoming the winner of the “2018 and 2019 Female Entrepreneur in the 904,” 2019 #1 Fitness Facility and 2019 #1 Yoga Studio in Northwest Florida.


Jamie Ratermann

Brand & Social Media Specialist

Jamie Ratermann helps cultivate brand identities, key partnerships, and data analysis which allows businesses to focus on what is most important: Your business!


Lindsay Honari

Executive Coach

We should diversify our personal lives like we diversify our portfolios. Lindsey Honari of Lindsey Honari Coaching and President-Elect of the Houston Charter Chapter of the International Coaching Federation believes in the value of variety in all aspects of our lives and that helping clients, friends, family, and even strangers achieve their goals or solve a dilemmas is what gets her up in the morning.


Becky Roth

Life & Career Coach

Fresh off her spotlight on Fox 5 DC News, Career & Life Coach Becky Roth, MSW, LMSW, CPC shares pointers on how to make the most of rebooting and rebranding your LinkedIn, dusting off your resume, and updating your professional network.


Helen Young-McLaughlin

Helen Young Coaching

Helen Young-McLaughlin might not be a magician, but like magic, she transforms employees from often overlooked commodities into a company’s most valuable assets.


Helen has been known to help slash turnover, transform morale, improve relationships, elevate “hard skills” all while cultivating critical space for leadership vulnerability.

lisi k.png

Lisi Kempton

SoulTree Operations

For 20 years, Lisi Kempton and her team at SoulTree Operations have been guiding entrepreneurs and small teams to strategic, scalable, and long-term success.


Lisi's“Four S’s to Success” framework takes a whole-business and systematic approach to business growth. She is the author of the book: From Budding Entrepreneur to Empowered Business Owner.


Malissa Dunnings

Composition ID

Self-proclaimed fitness nerd Malissa Dunnings immersed herself in studying fitness and nutrition principles with scientific research to simplify nutrition. She is the founder and head coach at Composition ID, a leader in DEXA (body scanning) and nutrition services in Houston. 

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Layne Lyons

Layne Lyons Legal

Layne Lyons is a business protector for women entrepreneurs. Layne makes the intimidating world of legal protections simple, approachable and easy to understand with her Legal UMBRELLA Method.

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Jilliane Yawney

Narrative Coach

Professional storyteller & TedX Coach Jilliane Yawney helps entrepreneurs and businesses shape their story to better captivate their audience. She is the founder of A Narrative Approach and holds soldout Story Slam events.

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Corinne Blackmon

Sustainability Coach

Corinne Blackmon launched her business, Girls Got Goals, with the mission to help rockstar women lose fat, gain confidence, embrace the scale and forever change her relationship with food.


Leesa Askew

Author, Speaker, Business Coach

When life gives you lemons, what should you do?  Leesa Askew's new book, When Life Gives You Lemons, shares how breaking the habits that sugarcoat your life allows you to step up to the plate and learn supreme accountability! Leesa is a transformational speaker and strategist. She partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to elevate their personal and professional presence.

As a Partner at Madrona Venture Labs, Ma

Maria Hess

Partner, Madrona Venture Labs

As a Partner at Madrona Venture Labs, Maria Hess brings strategic guidance and passion to help founders build companies in a faster & smarter way using her experience with companies like Google, Amazon & Expedia leads her to a startup studio based in Seattle, WA.


LaVonna Roth

CEO & Founder,

Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.

LaVonna Roth, Founder of Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E., has a gift for creating a culture shift in any organization, school or business and provides the tools to keep that momentum going!

2019-05-10 (2).png

Kristen Keen

Founder & Executive Director, ReThreaded

Kristin Keen, founder of Rethreaded Inc., creates jobs for survivors of human trafficking to offer stability, healing, empowerment, education and practical job skills. She creates business opportunities as a venue for change and empowerment.

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Bria Burton

Author & Blogger

Award-winning author and runner Bria Burton finds inspiration everywhere. Her pets, for example, created a platform for her to author a series of humorous short stories about them. These short fiction stories have appeared in over twenty anthologies and magazines and she has earned four Royal Palm Literary Awards.

Heather Stouffer.png

Heather Stouffer

Founder & CEO 

Mom Made Foods

The CEO of Mom Made Foods, Heather Stouffer, founded her company with a simple vision that healthy foods for kids should be easy.


Inspired by those freshly prepared, familiar recipes that kids and parents love, Mom Made Foods offers options including a clever solution for sending kids to school with a healthy lunch. 


Yana Khromova

Desiger, Founder, CEO

Yana K

Yana Khromova is an American Made Woman with Russian heritage. At the age 19, she persuaded her mother to invest in her boutique at the LA hotspot, Melrose Avenue. Today, her brand, Yana K, delivers quality comfort that allows women the versatility for home, work, nightlife, and travel.


Join the conversation to learn how this talented woman continues to make bold moves to lead her company.  It is where freedom of speech meets the freedom of design.


Claire Van Holland

Founder & Principal 

CV Ledger

Claire Van Holland, the founder of CV Ledger, is passionate about helping other creative business owners achieve financial autonomy through collaboration.  This Tuesday@2:00 (EST), we’ll speak with Claire to find out how she found freedom in launching her company while prioritizing her true passion: Dance. 

AlisonMarcy Spotlight.png

Coaches Corner

Founders and Sisters

Revel Coach

Coaches Corner provides us an opportunity to speak with a panel of coaches who share strategies to unlock their clients' potential and guide them back to their path. Whether you want to hire a coach, become a coach or expand your practice, this conversation is an opportunity to explore ideas about this fast-growing, $1 Billion industry.


Marrin Costello

CEO Marrin Costello, Inc.

 Marrin Costello is the face of her global luxury lifestyle brand. She is recognized as a lifestyle influencer, style icon, and tastemaker. Marrin joins us to share how she stays mindful as she builds a global luxury lifestyle brand whose mission is to help people feel like the best versions of themselves.


Samantha Dickinson


Coraggio Consulting

Samantha Dickinson knows how to Light Up Your Brand. She is the founder of Coraggio Consulting and works with modern, forward-thinking companies in the industries of cannabis, wine, restaurants, food, non-alcoholic beverages. Find out how she completely re-routed her career after 45, and what secret ingredient she feels is essential to making that happen.

If there’s one word to describe Roberta,

Roberta Coltman

Entrepreneur & Arbonne Area Manager

Wife, mother, IT Professional, Arbonne Area Manager, dual-citizen (Brazil and USA), and the list goes on.  If there’s one word to describe Roberta Coltman, it’s passionate. This week we uncover how she balances a healthy lifestyle, family and career. 


Heather Momyer

Founder, Arc Pair Press

 Heather Momyer is the founder of Arc Pair Press, a publisher of perfect-bound, prose mini-books.  This Tuesday@2:00, Heather will share how she uncovered a niche that brings the spirit of stories to the short attention span of America. 


Christina Cole

Regional Director, Pet I.Q.

Christina Peterson, Regional Director of Wellness Centers at Pet IQ, is a passionate, results-driven leader whose desire is to empower her team to develop to their greatest potential. Hear how Christina is able to bridge her love for animals with her intentional leadership goals.


Brittanni Below


BB Coaching, LLC

Brittanni Below is the founder of BB Coaching, LLC. As a leading Confidence Strategist, she is a passionate business professional and dedicated to helping women with realistic and effective goal setting in their career, life, and business relationships. Brittanni helps you transform fear, lack of confidence, and life challenges into the fuel you need to crush the goals that you've set for yourself that will elevate your career. Her personal mission is to develop and cultivate the qualities of confidence, inspiration, and overall well-being so that her clients are able to live each day with success and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Katherine Morales.jpg

Katherine Morales

President / Founder

Authentic Brand Strategist Katherine Morales, President of Inflection Point Communications helps entrepreneurs connect with the best customers and clients to grow their business and discover their most genuinely joyful business. 

This upcoming Tuesday_2_00 speaker will

Keele Burgin

Author / Entrepreneur

Successful businesswoman Keele Burgin is in a relentless pursuit to help women find their voice.  She believes when a woman finds her voice, she will change the world around her. In the true sense of architecting her life, Keele realized that her true purpose was to bring her writing to the world. She is the author of Wholly Unraveled.


Ande Bluett

Founder & Owner

It was an idea born of inspiration from the West Coast.  When the founders of Fla Juice & Bowl, Ande & Daniel Bluett, moved to Jacksonville Beach, they quickly noticed a void in the market. This week, we'll speak with Ande to find out how she and her husband went from concept to the town’s favorite place to fuel up and chill out. 

We love our member’s unique approach to



Elizabeth Gainer specializes in providing spiritually integrative psychodynamic counseling to individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, loss & grief, transitional issues, and crises of meaning in life. Her approach helps clients identify what is not working in their lives and enables change of destructive emotional patterns, clearing the way for the individual growth and adoption of new, more effective life skills.

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Jennifer Ryan

CEO Volunteers in Medicine

Jennifer Ryan is an inspiration to all as the leader of Volunteers in Medicine, a free healthcare clinic that provides outpatient primary and specialty  medical services to Northeast Florida's WORKING, low-income, uninsured individuals and their families.  


Jessie Norman

Owner, Aesthetician

From event planner to anti-aging aesthetician, Jessie Norman has found her passion in helping people look their best. Listen to how Jessie was able to make the switch from employee to self-employed by doing what she loves. @jessielindstromaesthetics


Leyla Hasbun

Founder / Fitness Coach 

Leyla Hasbun of HappyGoLeyla_Fit has overcome health struggles to become a balanced, passionate fitness coach. Leyla generously shares her approach to wellness on Instagram and helps her 13,700 followers take back control of their bodies & health.


Carmen Maxwell

Founder & CEO

 Carmen Maxwell, founder & CEO of Maxwell SMART Solutions, discusses her twenty plus years of combined leadership and management knowledge to share her experience and passion for owning your own business. @4smartsolutions


Adeline & Taylor

Revel Coach Interns

Thank you to our amazing interns from UCLA. The job of a media consultant intern for Revel Coach entails managing the company’s Instagram account, @revelcoach.


Julie Hasson


The Founder of Chalk & Chances, Julie Schmidt Hasson, will share how her mission became her life's work. Everyone will appreciate her fresh perspective and research about the difference teachers make in the lives of their students.   We'll also discuss how to get started in a passion project and inspire your audience about your cause.


Kendall Nissen

Strategic Account Manager

Are Google Ads Right For You? 

When she began, Kendall Nissen had questions. Now she has answers. Want your organization to be found on a web search--quickly and at the top? Consider a Paid Search campaign. Paid Search uses keywords and key phrases to help your perfect demographic find you. Pay only when someone clicks on the ad and put a limit on spending to help you manage your budget.

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Nicole Mayer

2nd Opinion Partners

Rethink and refine, these are two of the qualities needed to make impactful changes to the traditional model of financial services.


One individual who is doing just that is Nicole Mayer and her company 2nd Opinion Partners. They have revolutionized the financial industry by providing guided educational tools so we can uncover the options we all have in creating a healthy financial future that gives us the control we need to thrive in the 21st century. In addition to that Nicole has launched a series of successful videos on how to get your Stuff together on LiveYourBestLifeNow. 


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Olenka Cullinan


Think of all the things you did not do in your life because you were afraid to fail!


In this conversation of It’s Better Together with Revel Coach + Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt chat with Olenka Cullinan who believes if you wait too long for the “perfect moment” to begin, you will miss opportunities for growth. Olenka’s motivational hashtag #iStartFirst empowers women around the world to overcome their fears, expand on their passion and gain accountability from other women.


Olenka is a TEDx Speaker & Best-Selling Author, Phoenix Business Journal 40Under40, Top 10 Coaches to Watch via Yahoo News, Top 100 Women to Watch via Women’s Biz Journal, and CEO of #iStartFirst

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Allison Samuels

The Level Up Project

What if you could change the world? ⠀

In this edition of It’s Better Together with Revel Coach + Allison Samuels, founder of TwoTree Studios, we talk with Allison about the Level Up Project, a community resource for artists and creatives. ⠀

The Level Up Project is a network of individuals with decision-making power as solo creators and entrepreneurs, or as members of larger organizations. They are committed to removing systemic barriers to, and shifting power dynamics within, our fields of craft and design. Join us live this Tuesday@2:00ET (August 24th) to join the conversation. ⠀

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Neela Asaadi

LaLa By Nee

What do you do when your industry takes a hiatus? Pivot! ⠀
In 2020, award-winning wedding designer Neela Asaadi’s NYC business seemed to stop overnight. As a result of the pandemic, the wedding industry faced several challenges. However, the baby industry was booming and in 2021, LaLa By Nee was born. What used to consist of talking about stationery and wedding invitations with clients… led to baby announcements, nursery artwork and educational tools for kids at home. These organic conversations inspired Neela to refocus her energy in a new light. ⠀

On this It’s Better Together with Revel Coach+ we chat with Neela about her new (ad)venture and how she fosters relationships with clients that leave a lasting impression. 

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Dana Look-Arimoto

Founder: Settle Smarter

Are you frustrated by the never-ending search for “work-life balance?” Dana Look-Arimoto, author of Stop Settling, Settle Smart and the host of the “Settle Smarter” podcast and the Harmony Beats Balance Radio Show, has launched a unique vision, Stop Settling®️.


This week, Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt chat with Dana on the It's Better Together with Revel Coach + live Tuesday@2:00 call on how to ditch the never-ending search for “work-life balance” to bring integration in all areas of life, for all people.

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Tami Matheny

Mental Game Coach

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Perhaps you’ve struggled to overcome adversity. Mental game coach, founder of Refuse2Lose Coaching and author of 3 books Tami Matheny knows how to help athletes, coaches, parents, and professionals stop holding themselves back from living the life of a champion. ⠀

Listen to the July 20, 2021 It's Better Together with Revel Coach + Tami Matheny for a discussion on staying focused when life’s ups and downs feel more like a tornado than a rollercoaster. Get your mental game to focus like an Olympian by participating the conversation! ⠀

Are you ready to step into the game?

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Julie Nee

Speaker | Trainer | Energizer

Don’t let negativity guide your decisions. Instead, focus on heart-centered leadership, passion, and energy to align with your goals. ⠀

As a master of motivation, Julie Nee, connects with groups of all sizes, from 15 to 600+ to drive positive change into their organizations. Join the It's Better Together Recap of Revel Coach's conversation with Julie to uncover how she helps bring the Power of Positive Leadership to all areas of life. 

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Stephanie Potter

Marketing Expert

Get Spotted! Does your business seem lost in the millions of online clicks? Stephanie Potter helps you get Spotted online so search engines like Google and Bing put you at the top of the search results. Stephanie founded Spotter Advertising, a full-service advertising firm headquartered in Houston, Texas to help your clients discover you with targeted social media advertising. Watch the It's Better Together Recap!

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Dr. Amy Hearne Yorio


Want to burn calories, reduce cellulite, tone up and build lean muscle but don’t have the time? Dr. Amy Hearne Yorio's new boutique fitness studio, Body20, offers a revolutionary FDA-approved wireless suit that delivers isolated muscle stimulation coordinated with a personal 1-on-1 exercise program to give your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout.


Hannah Edington Tekle

Ghostwriter of over 50 Novels

Ghostwriter Hannah Edington Tekle has managed to illuminate life around the world in a way that both educates and entertains. What started as a side hustle turned into a full-time gig and now, Hannah has written more than fifty novels, as well as quite a few books on business topics for CEOs, thought leaders, and branded finance personalities. She had also written a number of novellas and books on the topic of income generation and how-to guides. Among these, she has had multiple books on the Amazon genre bestseller list as well as many number one new releases.


Laura Kriska

Cross-Cultural Consultant

There has never been a more important time for leaders to foster connection among people of diverse backgrounds. To thrive in the global marketplace teams must learn to work across differences of age, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and many other identity factors. Laura Kriska, author and cross-cultural team-builder has written a new book: The Business of We which dives into her more than thirty years experience bridging gaps in diverse workplaces.

Susan .png

Susan Kelly

Handbag Designer

What’s stylish, fun, and adds a pop of color to your wardrobe? Milly Kate bags! After a successful corporate career, stay-at-home mom Susan Kelly combined her love of fashion with her business acumen to launch Milly Kate Bags.

Yvette Hayes.png

Yvette Hayes

Mobile Notary | Business Owner

Have you ever wanted to start a business but didn't even know where to begin? Accomplished public speaker and business-newcomer Yvette Hayes, a self-employed online-notary, advocates mentorship to make a difference. Yvette uses her platform to encourage others to take a chance on themselves--even if the odds seem long. 


Catherine Miller

Pando Partners Wealth Mgt.

Pando Partners is named for the Pando forest which stems from an original tree some 80,000 years ago, and now shares one massive, regenerating root structure.

Founder Catherine Trinder Miller strives to have the same connection with her clients as they branch out, create roots, and reach for their financial goals.

Today, Catherine helps others multiply life's possibilities through the alignment of wealth management and the values, goals, and aspirations that give wealth meaning.

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Anneliese Gartner

Apto Media

Is your business growing to its full potential? Anneliese Gartner CEO of Apto Media helps entrepreneurs find their voice against competitors with tools, resources, and actionable tips on how to grow your small business. Apto Media is a creative marketing agency that offers Brand Design & Strategy, Marketing Solution Packages, and Production Services to small businesses who are looking to adapt, grow, and scale.

campus boss.png

Campus Boss

Christina Cush & Brigette Boyle

When Christina Boyle Cush had an idea, she called her sister-in-law Brigette Boyle to help her start Campus Boss, a company that helps students write kick-ass college entrance essays, prepare for internships, and hone their LinkedIn presence. 

emily k.png

Emily Koeritz

Team Builder

Building strong teams in challenging times is Emily Koeritz’s specialty. Responsible for a portfolio of over 3000 single-family rental properties, Emily leads by example & thinks outside the box. by using her customer service experience to lead her team and build client relationships at American Homes 4 Rent.


Jessica Williams


Specializing in feature story writing, Jessica Williams interviews and writes about folks from all walks of life including death row inmates, Grammy-Award-winning musicians, and abandoned children to small-town folks who change the world. Jessica believes, "It is a privilege to be given a front-row ticket to someone’s personal journey of life. I am just the little lady who sends it further into the world to inspire others."