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January 14. 2020

Darla Neal, Founder

College Admissions Services

January 21, 2020

Bria Burton, Service Manager, Blogger, and Award-Winning Author

January 28, 2020

Lana Kitcher, Founder

LK Consultants

Productivity Specialist

February 4, 2020

Corinne Blackmon, Founder


Weight Loss and Transformation Coach


Past Speakers

When life gives you lemons, what should you do?  Leesa Askew's new book, When Life Gives You Lemons, shares how breaking the habits that sugarcoat your life allows you to step up to the plate and learn supreme accountability! Leesa is a transformational speaker and strategist. She partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to elevate their personal and professional presence.

Author, Speaker, Business Coach

Leesa Askew

As a Partner at Madrona Venture Labs, Ma

As a Partner at Madrona Venture Labs, Maria Hess brings strategic guidance and passion to help founders build companies in a faster & smarter way. Join us this Tuesday@2:00 (EST) to discover how her experience with companies like Google, Amazon & Expedia leads her to a startup studio based in Seattle, WA.

Partner, Madrona Venture Labs

Maria Hess


LaVonna Roth, Founder of Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E., has a gift for creating a culture shift in any organization, school or business and provides the tools to keep that momentum going!

CEO & Founder,

Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.

LaVonna Roth

2019-05-10 (2).png

Kristin Keen, founder of Rethreaded Inc., creates jobs for survivors of human trafficking to offer stability, healing, empowerment, education and practical job skills. She creates business opportunities as a venue for change and empowerment.

Founder & Executive Director, ReThreaded

Kristen Keen

Heather Stouffer.png

The CEO of Mom Made Foods, Heather Stouffer, founded her company with a simple vision that healthy foods for kids should be easy.


Inspired by those freshly prepared, familiar recipes that kids and parents love, Mom Made Foods offers options including a clever solution for sending kids to school with a healthy lunch. 

Founder & CEO 

Mom Made Foods

Heather Stouffer


Yana Khromova is an American Made Woman with Russian heritage. At the age 19, she persuaded her mother to invest in her boutique at the LA hotspot, Melrose Avenue. Today, her brand, Yana K, delivers quality comfort that allows women the versatility for home, work, nightlife, and travel.


Join the conversation to learn how this talented woman continues to make bold moves to lead her company.  It is where freedom of speech meets the freedom of design.

Desiger, Founder, CEO

Yana K

Yana Khromova


Claire Van Holland, the founder of CV Ledger, is passionate about helping other creative business owners achieve financial autonomy through collaboration.  This Tuesday@2:00 (EST), we’ll speak with Claire to find out how she found freedom in launching her company while prioritizing her true passion: Dance. 

Founder & Principal 

CV Ledger

Claire Van Holland

AlisonMarcy Spotlight.png

Coaches Corner provides us an opportunity to speak with a panel of coaches who share strategies to unlock their clients' potential and guide them back to their path. Whether you want to hire a coach, become a coach or expand your practice, this conversation is an opportunity to explore ideas about this fast-growing, $1 Billion industry.

Founders and Sisters

Revel Coach

Coaches Corner


 Marrin Costello is the face of her global luxury lifestyle brand. She is recognized as a lifestyle influencer, style icon, and tastemaker. Marrin joins us to share how she stays mindful as she builds a global luxury lifestyle brand whose mission is to help people feel like the best versions of themselves.

CEO Marrin Costello, Inc.

Marrin Costello


Samantha Dickinson knows how to Light Up Your Brand. She is the founder of Coraggio Consulting and works with modern, forward-thinking companies in the industries of cannabis, wine, restaurants, food, non-alcoholic beverages. Find out how she completely re-routed her career after 45, and what secret ingredient she feels is essential to making that happen.


Coraggio Consulting

Samantha Dickinson

If there’s one word to describe Roberta,

Wife, mother, IT Professional, Arbonne Area Manager, dual-citizen (Brazil and USA), and the list goes on.  If there’s one word to describe Roberta Coltman, it’s passionate. This week we uncover how she balances a healthy lifestyle, family and career. 

Entrepreneur & Arbonne Area Manager

Roberta Coltman


 Heather Momyer is the founder of Arc Pair Press, a publisher of perfect-bound, prose mini-books.  This Tuesday@2:00, Heather will share how she uncovered a niche that brings the spirit of stories to the short attention span of America. 

Founder, Arc Pair Press

Heather Momyer


Christina Peterson, Regional Director of Wellness Centers at Pet IQ, is a passionate, results-driven leader whose desire is to empower her team to develop to their greatest potential. Hear how Christina is able to bridge her love for animals with her intentional leadership goals.

Regional Director, Pet I.Q.

Christina Cole


Brittanni Below is the founder of BB Coaching, LLC. As a leading Confidence Strategist, she is a passionate business professional and dedicated to helping women with realistic and effective goal setting in their career, life, and business relationships. Brittanni helps you transform fear, lack of confidence, and life challenges into the fuel you need to crush the goals that you've set for yourself that will elevate your career. Her personal mission is to develop and cultivate the qualities of confidence, inspiration, and overall well-being so that her clients are able to live each day with success and enjoy life to the fullest. 


BB Coaching, LLC

Brittanni Below

Katherine Morales.jpg

Authentic Brand Strategist Katherine Morales, President of Inflection Point Communications helps entrepreneurs connect with the best customers and clients to grow their business and discover their most genuinely joyful business. 

President / Founder

Katherine Morales

This upcoming Tuesday_2_00 speaker will

Successful businesswoman Keele Burgin is in a relentless pursuit to help women find their voice.  She believes when a woman finds her voice, she will change the world around her. In the true sense of architecting her life, Keele realized that her true purpose was to bring her writing to the world. She is the author of Wholly Unraveled.

Author / Entrepreneur

Keele Burgin


It was an idea born of inspiration from the West Coast.  When the founders of Fla Juice & Bowl, Ande & Daniel Bluett, moved to Jacksonville Beach, they quickly noticed a void in the market. This week, we'll speak with Ande to find out how she and her husband went from concept to the town’s favorite place to fuel up and chill out. 

Founder & Owner

Ande Bluett

We love our member’s unique approach to

Elizabeth Gainer specializes in providing spiritually integrative psychodynamic counseling to individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, loss & grief, transitional issues, and crises of meaning in life. Her approach helps clients identify what is not working in their lives and enables change of destructive emotional patterns, clearing the way for the individual growth and adoption of new, more effective life skills.



Revel Coach (8).png

Jennifer Ryan is an inspiration to all as the leader of Volunteers in Medicine, a free healthcare clinic that provides outpatient primary and specialty  medical services to Northeast Florida's WORKING, low-income, uninsured individuals and their families.  

CEO Volunteers in Medicine

Jennifer Ryan


From event planner to anti-aging aesthetician, Jessie Norman has found her passion in helping people look their best. Listen to how Jessie was able to make the switch from employee to self-employed by doing what she loves. @jessielindstromaesthetics

Owner, Aesthetician

Jessie Norman


Leyla Hasbun of HappyGoLeyla_Fit has overcome health struggles to become a balanced, passionate fitness coach. Leyla generously shares her approach to wellness on Instagram and helps her 13,700 followers take back control of their bodies & health.

Founder / Fitness Coach 

Leyla Hasbun


 Carmen Maxwell, founder & CEO of Maxwell SMART Solutions, discusses her twenty plus years of combined leadership and management knowledge to share her experience and passion for owning your own business. @4smartsolutions

Founder & CEO

Carmen Maxwell


Thank you to our amazing interns from UCLA. The job of a media consultant intern for Revel Coach entails managing the company’s Instagram account, @revelcoach.

Revel Coach Interns

Adeline & Taylor


The Founder of Chalk & Chances, Julie Schmidt Hasson, will share how her mission became her life's work. Everyone will appreciate her fresh perspective and research about the difference teachers make in the lives of their students.   We'll also discuss how to get started in a passion project and inspire your audience about your cause.


Julie Hasson


Are Google Ads Right For You? 

When she began, Kendall Nissen had questions. Now she has answers. Want your organization to be found on a web search--quickly and at the top? Consider a Paid Search campaign. Paid Search uses keywords and key phrases to help your perfect demographic find you. Pay only when someone clicks on the ad and put a limit on spending to help you manage your budget.

Strategic Account Manager

Kendall Nissen

Revel Coach (10).png

Marci McCarthy CEO & President of T.E.N. is passionate about the cyber security industry.  Nominated for numerous awards and known for her networking, Marci inspires us with her success in a male dominated industry.

CEO & President of T.E.N. 

Marci McCarthy


Terra Bohlmann is a Business Coach and Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs. She created The Business Map Method™, where she helps women fast-track their 5-year plan in less than one year. From Houston, Texas, Terra has a huge passion for traveling and loves coming home to her family including her spoiled dog and cat.   


Business Coach for Women

Terra Bohlmann


Six Degrees Society is a professional women’s network of future friends, collaborators and changemakers that have yet to meet. Their programming is presented in fireside chats, moderated panels, workshops and experiences. Emily Merrell is not only the ultimate connector, but also a professional springboard. This Tuesday@2:00, we’ll chat with Emily to learn how’s she’s found success while sipping rosé – I mean come on! 

Chief Networker,

Six Degrees Society

Emily Merrell


Kathleen Booth, Vice President of Marketing at IMPACT, a digital sales and marketing company, focuses on empowering business leaders with the education, tools, training and support needed to grow their companies and careers. 

Vice President of Marketing

Kathleen Booth


Owning your story is not always easy, but often a foundation of our future success.  Keele Burgin, shares her personal journey finding her voice, publishing her memoir “Wholly Unraveled,” and hosting (B)Tribes Retreats that guide women to architect the life they are meant to live. 

Founder & (B) Tribe Leader

Author, Wholly Unraveled

Keele Burgin


Marrin is an advocate for women to follow their passions. As an international style influencer and businesswoman, she is on a mission to help people feel like the best versions of themselves. Her advice for entrepreneurs is to always do the right thing for your brand even if it's not advantageous. The dividends will pay off in the end with repeat business and happy customers.  

Entrepreneur, Designer


Marrin Costello

Jennifer Irwin.jpg

 If you’ve ever dreamed of publishing a novel, join us this week to learn from Jennifer Irwin, a native New Yorker and captivating storyteller. Her novel, A Dress the Color of the Sky, is a raw, emotional and compelling story that helps you understand just how resilient victims of trauma can be. It’s a romance novel that teaches you a simple truth: no matter what you have done in your past, you are person who is worthy of unconditional love.


The Dress the Color of Sky

Jennifer Iriwin

Jan Healy_edited.jpg

Jan Healy is on a mission to inspire donors & educate organizations that all women and girls deserve the dignity of having essential menstrual products.   Homeless women typically know where to find a safe place to sleep or a hot meal to eat. But when it comes to taking care of their feminine hygiene needs, they often have nowhere to turn. Compounding the issue is when a clean shower is unavailable, infections are a typical result. 


Renewing Dignity

Jan Healy


Emily's dream was to do her own thing. Once the right opportunity presented itself, Molly was all in. Her advice, do your research, build your team, and go after your dream. Once you are on the right path, a bit of trial and error will help define the right routine.  


Scout & Molly's Boutique

Emily Rhodin

Brynne Plant joins us to share how she h

They say “when little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm. Not join their chaos.” As a middle school guidance counselor, Brynne Plant understands the value of this advice. This week, Brynne joins us to share how she helps kids (and parents!) get through their days and the many bumps in the road as they grow to find their voice and place in this world. 

Middle School

Guidance Counselor

Brynne Plant

Copy of Tuesday_2 Templates (1).png

How to decide if you should continue what you are doing or if it's time to make a change? Our Tuesday@2:00 conversation is an opportunity to explore solutions.  Each week, we are Called to Action through the unique insight and inspiration from our featured speakers. Today, we speak with Maggie Sabatier-Smith, who is a catalyst, speaker, coach, and writer.

Speaker, Coach, Writer

Maggie Sabatier-Smith


Happiness is unique. What makes one happy is different than what makes another happy. Yet what could our world be like with more joy & harmony? 

Lynette Hanover is on a Big Time Happiness mission to spread happiness in to our communities. Discover how Lynette narrowed her goals to live a more joyful life this Tuesday@2:00. 

CEO, Big Time Happiness

Lynette Harris

An Easter Special Sale-7.png

 Basma Kakoun: Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer is on a mission to inspire and motivate everyone to embrace the power of their own bodies. Starting her career in Dubai, Basma believes in the power of the human body and mind.  ”The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes.”

Wellness Coach & Trainer

Basma Kakoun 


Nicole Donnelly Pece, Director of the Betty Griffin Center, is on a mission to end domestic violence and sexual abuse.  Our conversation focuses on raising community awareness, providing quality programs, and staying positive in the face of adversity.

Director, Betty Griffin Center

Nicole Pece


Living in Florida, we can attest that everybody loves the shade!  Inspired by the desire to keep our skin protected and healthy while going wherever the sun takes us, Lani Liuzza & Brynne Peck, co-founders of Bimini-Me, are charting their path to create a fun, stylish "next" accessory. 

Founders Bimini-Me

Brynne Peck &

Lani Liuzza 

Sally Kent Peebles.jpg

Sally Kent Peebles has quickly become a leading voice on cannabis law and policy in Florida, and Folio Weekly magazine included her in its "Best of Jax 2018" list of the "Best Marijuana Lawyers" in Jacksonville. She has even been featured on the NPR Political Podcast First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross.

Partner, Vicent Sederberg

Sally Kent Peebles


Patience is quickly becoming a lost art for entrepreneurs. This Tuesday, Sonia Nadel will share her authentic journey & approach to inspiring gratitude & long-lasting solutions.

Education/Career/Life Coach

Sonia Nadel


Fertile Health, LLC founder Monica Moore has built a team whose mission is to provide thorough, unique and interactive education and training tools for fertility nurses. Monica believes that proper training in reproductive health practices empowers nurses and allows them to provide a considerate and productive experience to each patient they see.

Founder / Fertility Nurse

Monica Moore

Copy of ave a Happy Birthday!.png

As a Digital & Creative Services Account Manager at TEKsystems, Amanda is focused on the Digital space where IT and Marketing converge. TEKsystems Digital provides skilled design, development, functional and technical resources to support your interactive, creative and digital initiatives. 

Services Account Manager

Amanda Sullivan

Need an ophthalmologist in the Jacksonvi

Starting her own practice was a dream and it's finally turning into a reality. Dr. Megan N. Scott Carlton worked and trained in several of the most renowned eye clinics in the world. Committed to true medical excellence, she followed her dream of opening her own practice and now combines that level of medical excellence with personal, compassionate, one on one care.


Dr. Megan Carlton

Stop feeling “behind in life” and take a

Ursula Krause calls herself "Your Business Bestie." Her goal? To teach new and aspiring coaches to build the business of their dreams without all the stress. Ursula's passion for business and marketing helps women achieve their own success.

OnLine Business Mentor

Ursula Krause


As a global wellness coach, Susan Dampier assists individuals to lower body fat, increase energy levels, and improve sleep in a natural and effective way.  As a mom of six and professional network marketer, Susan has worked hard to build a stable business to provide for her family. 

Global Wellness Coach

Susan Dampier


Getting prepared for a keynote speech is a daunting task.  Find out how Vandana successfully prepared and delivered a speech advocating for the digitalization of strategic business processes. 

Director Of Global Solutions

Vandana Sharma


The founders of K+K Design, Kerri Pilchik and Kristina Phillips,  share their story of how they went from an idea to a successful luxury design firm. 

Founder / Interior Designer

Kristina Philips


When you are looking for a great summer beach read, look for Barbara Meyers romance books.   In this conversation we learn how Barbara drafts the story, publishes and markets her books to readers who will enjoy them.


Barbara Meyers