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Confidently live your dream. 


There is no better time than NOW for women to be successful in business. Yet, it's easy to feel short on time and pressure from competing deadlines.


Our coaching program is designed for the executive whose vision of success includes career and family. Take time to develop an approach that gives peace, enthusiasm and results to your every day.  


Your family, your company, your teams depend on you. 


Attracting and Retaining Top Talent 

Building Confidence to Lead


Annual Operating Plans, Messaging Priorities, SWOT Analysis

Leading Teams

Top Grading, Culture, Diversity

Consistent Results

Establishing Focus & Operating Rhythms 


Inspiring Messages, Honest Feedback & Truly Listening

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Our client engagement strategy is designed for simplicity. Let's connect. 

Success after Maternity Leave

Don't let stereotypes deine your future. Every family is diferent, choose what is best for you.

Career Search


More than just a career coach, we'll help you land the job of your dreams. 



It's the people that make the difference. Invest in hiring the right team for the best results. 

Amy S., North Carolina

I am so grateful for you, you have no idea! You have changed my life. You have given me a new career, a new confidence, and a new faith in myself that I never had before. Thank you so much, Marcy! You are a champion for women everywhere!

Carey L, Santa Roas Beach, FL

Mentor, teacher leader, friend, wife and mother are a few words that come to mind when I think of you.  Thank you for your support this past year.  

Doug L, Ponte Vedra, FL

You amaze me with your ability to exceed all expectations with your professional role. I am more impressed with you as a person in that you have such a great balance with your personal and professional life.  

Thank you for encouraging me to take chances in my career. I still ask myself, "How does Marcy do it all ... and so well?" I have much to learn from you. You are truly an inspiration! 

Joe S., Los Angeles, Ca

You have been a mentor, a champion, a sounding board, a confidant. I love our little chats and our big branstorms. 

Amanda S. Alexandria, Va

Jay G, Jacksonville, FL

I appreciate your style and the way you drive fundamentals while at the same time encouraging individual “style.”  Thanks again for being a great leader, and more importantly, a great person! 

Blake H, Jacksonville, FL

I am so thankful for who you are and it’s a great honor to know you. You have the ability to bring the best out of people, and people want to follow you.  Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for being a bright light in my my life.  Thanks for your kindness and your great heart. 

Sam S, Atlanta, Ga

Thank you for your energy every day and your confidence. I’ve thanked you before and i’ll thank you again for empowering us and trusting us to make the right decisions. You and I share a common goal and a common mindset that goes beyond just beating our competition, but annihilating them.  

Mark R., Seattle, WA

Your knowledge of the industry was invaluable.  I appreciated  your personal insights and advice  regarding the effective way to build professional relationships.