Executive Coaching 

Leadership. Balance. Performance. 

Our client engagement strategy is designed for simplicity.  Whether it’s a short-term priority/deadline (4-8 sessions) or a long-term engagement (monthly retainer), we make it easy to engage as needed.  Most of our clients start with a simple, free consultation meeting brainstorming:   “Is this something you or your team could help us develop or coach?” If you're wondering if we could work together, simply schedule a free consultation.

Our Approach

Because we know that every moment is an opportunity to grow, lead & inspire,  we've designed a comprehensive, yet practical coaching experience.  Our structure is unique in that we blend the disciplines of executive coaching, business consulting, and mentorship. We value the time of our clients.  Our weekly exercises and conversations are inspired by our clients' short and long term priorities. 

Our Focus

Our programs are designed for women who desire success both as an executive and as a mother.  We align personal and professional goals in order to increase confidence, clarity, and perspective.  By defining and focusing on her unique path, our clients discover balance, enthusiasm, and peace of mind. Service offerings are available through 1:1 private coach, team-based coaching or join a group that is a match with your focus and skills.   

Private Coaching

It's your journey.  

We customize your experience  based on your specific needs.

Whether you need to define a  plan, brainstorm options,  prepare a key note or navigate your first few years as a working mom, we can find a solution. 

No minimum hours required. Sessions include face to face coaching through video conference and various digital touchpoints throughout the engagement. 

Group Coaching

We curate an experience based on a group of women who share similar values & roles.  Our clients continue to define their unique path while they work with other women on the same journey.  Join an existing program or create one for your company.

  • Women in Leadership:   Executive level only 

  • Success after Maternity Leave:  Director Level & above

  • Sales Leadership Series:       Director Level and above

Join via application only.  


Executive Coaching

Amy S., North Carolina

I am so grateful for you, you have no idea! You have changed my life. You have given me a new career, a new confidence, and a new faith in myself that I never had before. Thank you so much, Marcy! You are a champion for women everywhere!

Carey L, Santa Roas Beach, FL

Mentor, teacher leader, friend, wife and mother are a few words that come to mind when I think of you.  Thank you for your support this past year.  

Doug L, Ponte Vedra, FL

You amaze me with your ability to exceed all expectations with your professional role. I am more impressed with you as a person in that you have such a great balance with your personal and professional life.  

Amanda S. Alexandria, Va

Thank you for encouraging me to take chances in my career. I still ask myself, "How does Marcy do it all ... and so well?" I have much to learn from you. You are truly an inspiration! 

Jay G, Jacksonville, FL

I appreciate your style and the way you drive fundamentals while at the same time encouraging individual “style.”  Thanks again for being a great leader, and more importantly, a great person! 

Joe S., Los Angeles, Ca

You have been a mentor, a champion, a sounding board, a confidant. I love our little chats and our big branstorms. 

Blake H, Jacksonville, FL

I am so thankful for who you are and it’s a great honor to know you. You have the ability to bring the best out of people, and people want to follow you.  Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for being a bright light in my my life.  Thanks for your kindness and your great heart. 

Sam S, Atlanta, Ga

Thank you for your energy every day and your confidence. I’ve thanked you before and i’ll thank you again for empowering us and trusting us to make the right decisions. You and I share a common goal and a common mindset that goes beyond just beating our competition, but annihilating them.  

Mark R., Seattle, WA

Your knowledge of the industry was invaluable.  I appreciated  your personal insights and advice  regarding the effective way to build professional relationships.


Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Have you ever asked yourself: What kind of mom do I want to be? A Working Mom or Stay-at-Home Mom? It’s a question that mothers need to answer. It’s the kind of question that often burdens many of us as we go through different phases with our family. Whether you are holding an infant or driving one too many kids in your carpool, it’s a choice we make, yet a decision that may not be forever.  When I started working in 1994, the answer to that question was clear. I knew the finish line to my corporate career would be when I had my first child.  As a result, I raced to gather career trophies and save as much money as I could, so when I looked back, I would be proud of what I accomplished.  Ironically, during that focused sprint, I fell in love with what my career, the people I worked with, and the challenges that Corporate America presented to me.  By the time my daughter arrived, I gained the title of the first female Vice President of my company and managed a 300-person team. My position on what type of mom I wanted to be faded to gray. I asked myself: What kind of mom do I want to be? A Working Mom or Stay-at-Home Mom? 


It was my husband who encouraged me to continue working. He knew my career was fulfilling and that I wanted to accomplish more. We promised each other that as long as it worked for our family and I enjoyed it, I would wear the Working Mom hat. I proudly wore that hat for 13 years. When I finally decided to wear the Stay-at-Home hat, I was like a kid anxiously waiting in line to ride her first roller coaster. 


Over the past two years, my excitement and appreciation for this current chapter of my motherhood has not diminished, however that question: What kind of mom do I want to be? reemerged. This time, however, I realized the trap I had created by dividing mothers into 2 categories: The Working Mom and The Stay-at-home Mom.  What I’ve witnessed wearing both hats is leadership, bravery, loyalty, kindness, joy and countless more descriptions of strength.  The power of women is dynamic.  We are not one thing. We are many things.  We are the colors that light the world.  Together, we are a beautiful rainbow.


Marcy Stoudt

Co-Founder Revel Coach